Yu Baimei: Seeing the glorious human nature in the epidemic

Yu Baimei: Seeing the glorious humanity in the epidemic situation
Director Yu Baimei’s masterpiece: the film “Breakup Master” In 2014, the movie “Villain Angel” 2015, the movie “Galactic Cram School” In 2019, the film will be on the theater line after the filming in the future, Yu Baimei is a little uncomfortable, “I don’t know if this effectHow big.”What he is worried about is that the audience’s habits of watching movies will change. Watching movies is the least important thing in the epidemic. It is not directly related to survival. It is not like a restaurant. If you can’t go to a restaurant, you can change it to take-out. Movies are not a necessity.”So now I can only wait and see.”Wait” is the word that Yu Baimei mentioned most frequently in the interview, “accept and watch.”Acceptance is very helpless, Yu Baimei said, everyone is forced to accept, “The epidemic has spread to such a large range, and we will not know what will happen to humans in the end.”” Yu Baimei and Deng Chao filmed “Galactic Cram School”.As an old screenwriter, Yu Baimei looked indifferent when he discovered the reality and magical aspects of the epidemic that brought changes to the film and television industry.The epidemic will bring industry reshuffle, but it will not bring about fundamental changes.He imitated the high pay for actor films, and only watched the actors on the platform. This situation will not change because of the epidemic. “On the contrary, the epidemic may expose the industry ‘s irregularities. When the economy is good, there are few problems and the economy is poor.When there are many problems.”At present, Yu Baimei does not have the epidemic story he wants to shoot,” I have not been able to express this fact.”During the epidemic, Yu Baimei also frequently used news to communicate with friends in the WeChat group. He said that too many people and events moved him. As a professional screenwriter with more than 20 years of experience, he even found himselfHow insignificant is your imagination.From the woman knocking the gong on the balcony to save her mother, the “volunteer” broke through the door and smashed the mahjong table, and the driver wandered on the high speed for seven days. The joint reaction of these epidemic corners was so magical that it was hard to tell the truth.The courage and courage behind the creation of Yu Baimei believes that from a creative perspective, some people’s perception of the world has changed in the epidemic. “Maybe it is difficult for us to overlook others, but this deviation must have happened.”The literary and artistic works in the depression period are different from the normal period. People naturally have a sense of crisis. Everyone has fears and conflicts about the future. This emotion will be naturally reflected in future film and television works.After each major event, literary and artistic works will change. Certain economic recessions and unemployment will be transformed into literary and artistic works, just as there have been so many works reflecting housing problems in the previous period.”Yu Baimei said that his future works will also change because of this epidemic.” I want to express ‘courage’.For the future, people must be tortured mad, and I do n’t know that next year will be some sort of thing.I didn’t think about these issues seriously in the past, but now I feel that life is really heavy.My wife’s grandmother has just passed away. The grandmother is a disease of the lungs. Although it is not pneumonia, you must first check the new crown when you arrive at the hospital.We can’t go back to Beijing in other places, we can’t see the last side, and we can’t attend the funeral.A few days ago, our family discussed it very calmly. What to do if grandma died or not, how to do funeral, accept all things.Life crisis is too close to us, we must have courage, we can not change anything, only courage to face life.Several of my later works should all transition to this theme, courage and confrontation.[Inspiration]Yu Baimei said that if he was not a particularly brave person during the war.He saw so many medical staff go to the epidemic area this time and said to leave, they just went to the battlefield.As well as their hard work in the hospital, Yu Baimei was particularly moved.He remembered that when the Wenchuan earthquake happened, there were some friends who made news. At that time, because they wanted to go to Wenchuan, the leaders refused to let them go, and they were all anxious.At that time, he could not imagine that if it were him, he might hide, “But in the eyes of these doctors and reporters, this is their job, and they should go.”This courage is far greater than my judgment. You can still see a lot of glorious humanity in the epidemic.”The epidemic brought Yu Baimei a lot of free time. Before, he had only read seven or eight books of Dongye Keigo sporadically.In recent years, Yu Baimei’s reading has been sloppy, like squeezing time to stop the mouth. Recently, I saw that Higashino Keigo found the big fish and the meat.Most of the time, I read three books a day, which is very enjoyable.”It’s an amazing genius brain hole king.”Yu Baimei said,” Lu Wei is strange.Various poses.And insight into the faintness of human nature.The hands rise and fall when they are cruel, and they shine brightly when they are warm.Even more terrifying is the vast and unexhausted creativity.Who is this guy’s previous life?”-Yu Baimei talks about the recent reading sauna, night net Liu Wei editor Tong Na proofreading Wang Xin more interviews see the topic: Chinese directors of war epidemic series