Go to the farewell ceremony and listen to his voice again

“Go to the farewell ceremony and listen to his voice again”
In April 2017, Ni Ping’s “Grandma’s Quotations” all new editions of the new edition of the first spot found, Ni Ping, Zhao Zhongxiang, Bai Yansong, Jing Yidan, Dong Qing group photo.Photo courtesy of Bai Yansong A group of actors from CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala in 1984.From left: Jiang Kun, Lu Jing, Huang Ayuan, Chen Sisi, Zhao Zhongxiang, Jiang Lili, Ma Ji.Photo courtesy of Jiang Kun Zhao Zhongxiang and Dong Hao recorded together.Ni Ping partnered with Zhao Zhongxiang as soon as he entered CCTV. The two have collaborated with the partner countless times and are both apprentices and friends.Ni Ping partnered with Zhao Zhongxiang as soon as he entered CCTV. The two have collaborated with the partner countless times and are both apprentices and friends.Zhao Zhongxiang and Yang Lan have cooperated many times in “Chia Tai Variety”.  Zhao Zhongxiang witnessed the germination and development of China’s television industry, and he also supported it intentionally or unintentionally, affecting the mainstay of China’s present hosting industry.As China’s first-generation announcer, since the 1970s, Zhao Zhongxiang has worked with most of the host of CCTV.  Bai Yansong used to call him “guru”, and this title was never given to others; Yang Lan claimed to be a “student”, and the first program in her life, “Chia Tai Variety”, was co-hosted with Zhao Zhongxiang.Jiang Kun talked about this “Uncle Zhao” who got acquainted with the basketball court, “tears burst into tears.”Speaking of the past, Dong Hao commented that he was too heavy-hearted and cared about public opinion in society.  Ni Ping recalled that when she was born, Zhao Zhongxiang had already been active on the screen; and more than thirty years later, they had been on the same stage with the host of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. “Most of his peers have gradually retreated, andHe still flourishes on the screen.”And describe Zhao Zhongxiang” is a miracle and a mystery.”Jiang Kun got acquainted with the basketball court and he was very loyal.” It is “Animal World” that really shows Zhao Zhongxiang’s talent in broadcasting.He used a very magnetic voice to bring the audience to a realistic, dreamy, strange, and close world.Jiang Kun, the current chairman of the Chinese Music Association who had participated in many CCTV Spring Festival Gala with Zhao Zhongxiang, wrote an article reminiscent of Zhao Zhongxiang after realizing the bad consumption.The article mentions that “the last time he answered his phone was the day when the antiques of my father’s legacy were opened in the museum last year.He said, ‘Kuner, I ‘m a little struggling in the aisle. I do n’t want to go anymore. I have had contact with my dad. Dad can understand me in the spirit of the heavens and wish the exhibition a success!’I thank you again and again.Jiang Kun and Zhao Zhongxiang met on the basketball court of the Broadcasting Bureau in 1977.”That year Jiang Kun was 27 years old and Zhao Zhongxiang was 35 years old.”At that time, everyone was tall and big, and everyone was called” big bear “.Good communication, and loyalty, we are young, others dominate the field, he always speaks for us.”After the acquaintance, Jiang Kun knew how remarkable Zhao Zhongxiang was in China’s TV broadcasting career.”At the time when he forced TV to broadcast, I hardly knew that there was a ‘TV’ in this world.In 1967, at the farm headquarters in Heilongjiang, I saw a Soviet tube TV set. Someone told me that Soviet movies had been shown here, and I always wanted to watch them.Our family didn’t have the first TV until 1985.Jiang Kun believes that it is “Animal World” that really shows Zhao Zhongxiang’s talent in broadcasting.Zhao Zhongxiang used his very magnetic voice to bring the audience to a realistic, dreamy, unfamiliar and close world.”It’s been more than twenty years, and now I still see it from the beginning.In his whispering, almost everyone knew, thought, and chewed as if listening in a quiet classroom.十一年前,我和爱人过六十岁生日时,他用同样的声音为我们的小小纪录片解说,用的还是‘动物世界’的语调,讲述我俩‘一山居然容了二虎’.”At the end of the writing, Jiang Kun said,” Tears burst into tears, “” I do n’t want to write about how Zhao Zhongxiang is generous, how to be peaceful, how to selflessly support younger generations, how to make friends with friends, how to cherish friendship in friends ‘exchanges, how to待人处事……我只想用圈内人习惯的称呼说一声,‘赵大叔’,你对得起这个世界,这个世界也不会忘记你.Uncle, go all the way.”Dong Hao sometimes has too much heart and cares about public opinion.” Sometimes he has too much heart. He cares about public opinion in the society. I hope he can drink tea and study writing in peace in heaven.This kind of life, no dispute with the world.”Dong Hao has always been regarded by Zhao Zhongxiang as his younger brother. They have known each other for more than 40 years and have cooperated for 38 years.”Dong Hao, who was on a business trip outside, was unable to believe that his brother had gone far when interviewed by Sauna and Yeewang.On January 14, when Dong Hao called Zhao Zhongxiang, the other party’s condition was not very good. The assistant told him that “Mr. Zhao can’t hear it anymore.” He didn’t believe it and turned his head down and tears down, “I said like this,You help me yell into his ears by the bed, saying Dong Hao insists you to wait for him to come back to see you on a business trip.But I didn’t expect that this miss would be forever.”Dong Hao said that Zhao Zhongxiang has been taking care of him all the time, and the two people’s mode of getting along with each other also always ridiculed each other:” We never hide, tuck, like the experience exchange on the host, sometimes I will also tell him, brother you thisIt ‘s better to be a little bit more comfortable in the position. In his words, I do n’t think anyone dares to criticize his host, but I will propose it, and he is very optimistic and humble to accept it.”Zhao Zhongxiang has excellent memory. In 2019, Dong Hao and him went to Taizhou to participate in activities. Zhao Zhongxiang recites” Yueyang Lou Ji “on the spot. Thinking of such a long classical Chinese text, when reading it, it may be serialized, not to mention Dong Hao, who is under the stage都为赵忠祥捏把汗:“结果他一字不落地背了出来,一个NG都没有,当时下台时他还问我‘老弟,我这个行吧?’I really feel too powerful.”He revealed that last year he wanted to make a show with Zhao Zhongxiang about the experience of the host. This idea was also appreciated by Zhao Zhongxiang, because the two are usually busy, so they will send away their best friends without putting it on the agenda.At the thought of this, he had mixed feelings and choked again.  He said that the two of them actually loved to recall the past together, remembering the hard work of the past, Zhao Zhongxiang laughed every time he listened and cried when he laughed, he said, everyone is over a year old, the perception is very much.  ”In recent years, he hasn’t walked on his feet, but he is a strong man who has been supporting him.I tweeted this morning and said, “Brother go, sometimes he is too heavy, and sometimes he is very concerned about the public opinion in the society. I hope he can drink tea and study writing in peace in heaven.This kind of life, no dispute with the world.”Bai Yansong also recorded” Animal World “before he was seriously ill.” Mr. Zhao’s ward saw the old building of CCTV from the window glass. I believe that when he was hospitalized and could walk, he would often see his work place from the window.”Bai Yansong, who was on a high-speed rail trip to Inner Mongolia on a business trip, received a sauna interview. Ye Wang revealed in an interview on the afternoon of January 13 that he and Jing Yidan, Li Xiuping, Xu Li, Ju Ping, and Lu Jian went to the hospital to visit Zhao Zhongxiang.The teacher is in a state of deep coma. We all know that January 16th is his 78th birthday. We also said to Mrs. Zhao ‘s wife that I hope Mr. Zhao will survive this day first, but Mr. Zhao still leaves on this day.Which day come to this world, which day to walk from this world.”He said, Zhao Zhongxiang died at 7:30 in the morning, and 7:30 in the evening was the end of” News Network “. Zhao Zhongxiang was the first male anchor of the news network.” I miss Teacher Zhao Zhongxiang. “”Bai Yansong sent a message to the sauna in the form of a text message, and Ye Wang wrote a message in memory of Zhao Zhongxiang,” I was very sad to know the news of Zhao’s death this morning. When the hosts knew this news from each other, I could realize the common sorrow of everyone.。The old building of CCTV can be seen from the window of Mr. Zhao ‘s ward. I believe that when Mr. Zhao is just hospitalized and can walk, he will often see the place where he works from the window. I believe there are too many brilliant and unforgettable memories.会在他脑海中出现,尤其对于我们主持人来说,在过去的交往经历中,我们都习惯地称赵老师为‘宗师’,这个称谓,我们从来没有给过其他人,这也代表着我们Collectively recognize, respect and be grateful to Teacher Zhao, because he is only a pioneer of Chinese TV news anchors and a guide for TV presenters.”In Bai Yansong’s view, Zhao Zhongxiang’s life is a life worthy of respect, and a life that all our TV presenters must respect!It is also the common memory of several generations of Chinese!  In addition, Bai Yansong also revealed that Mrs. Zhao’s wife hopes not to play music during the farewell ceremony, but to play the voice of Zhao Zhongxiang’s commentary.Before he was seriously ill, Mr. Zhao also recorded the “Animal World” program, but he already said to the people in the column group: Looking for other people, I have some energy.”Undoubtedly, Mr. Zhao, it’s working till the last moment.Of course, I will go to Mr. Zhao ‘s farewell ceremony. I believe many of my colleagues will go, and there will be many audiences. Not only to say goodbye, but also to be grateful.!”Ni Ping once said that marriage is about living with a partner.” In the past, I have “exposed” Teacher Zhao many times. He has argued many times that it is hard work and frugality.In the past it was a joke, but now it is sour.Not long ago, Zhao Zhongxiang was hospitalized, and his old partner Ni Ping also went to visit.”Yesterday the sauna, Ye Wang contacted Ni Ping’s agent for the first time, and the other party replied” She is sad, don’t go to interview her “, but declined the interview.Later, Ni Ping posted on Weibo to recall the past, “Last year,” Our Master “was our last collaboration.I am the master of the children, and Teacher Zhao is my master.In the past, I have “revealed” Teacher Zhao countless times. He has argued countless times that it is diligence and frugality.In the past it was a joke, but now it is sour.”She enlightened that a few days ago, a group of presenters met, Xu Jing, Jing Yidan, Li Ruiying, Li Xiuping, Shui Junyi, Bai Yansong, Xu Li, Wang Ning, Scarab, Nathan, He Hongmei, Ju Ping, Lu Jian .Everyone agreed sincerely: “After Teacher Zhao, there will never be a second guru in the host!”” Ni Ping once wrote in his book: Zhao Zhongxiang is a miracle in the history of Chinese television.”When he was the host, I was just born, and more than thirty years later, we actually got together on the same stage.Most of his peers at the same time have gradually receded, and he is still growing up on the screen, which is not only a miracle, but also a mystery.”Ni Ping once accepted a sauna in 2018. In an interview with Yeewang, she recalled her experience of working and living on CCTV. When she was young, she has always won the love of the national audience with her gentle and simple image and the style of the hostess. The truth is thatIt’s particularly naughty.In private, he often teases his colleagues, and Zhao Zhongxiang naturally becomes the object most often teased by her.”Ms. Zhao often took off his suit jacket and stood up and left. I picked it up and collected garbage or packed lunches for me. He said that if no one wears it, you can take it home and wear it.Teacher Zhao will be gone when he comes back.On an afternoon in midsummer 2018, two “old playmates” Ni Ping and Zhao Zhongxiang met at Beijing TV Station to record an interview show. The theme of the show is to review the changes and development of the Spring Festival Gala after the reform and opening up.Ni Ping’s staff said she hadn’t recorded such a program in a long time, also to see Zhao Zhongxiang.  Ni Ping mentioned in the book that she was fortunate for Zhao Zhongxiang or envied him to have a home, a real one.For more than ten years, Zhao Zhongxiang was most satisfied with his family. He was in the position of “The Random Thoughts”: We sat in front of the TV every night, watching TV and doing our own things.I hold a volume of books or a pen, read and write, and even rarely talk, but our hearts are the same. Zhao Zhongxiang sometimes chats with Ni Ping and others about his attitude towards marriage: “Your tragedy is that there are too many fantasies, living in a paradise all day, hoping to live a fabulous day.What is family?It is to live with each other.All day, so much love, love.Most people who want to die or live can’t grow long, and they can’t be called marriage.The fire is generally hollow and burned out.”Yang Lan taught me to keep blank through a picture.” On New Year’s Day in 1994, spring is coming, and I will soon leave CCTV.The beginning of the episode “Zhengda Variety” was written by both of us while eating lunch at noon.”This year happens to be my 30th year as a student.””A week ago, Yang Lan received a text message from Zhao Zhongxiang’s family, saying that Mr. Zhao’s health is very bad.When Yang Lan rushed to the hospital, Zhao Zhongxiang had entered a deep sleepy state.She took Zhao Zhongxiang’s hand to talk to him, he seemed to be trying to open his eyes. Because of Zhao Zhongxiang’s generosity and kindness, the juniors called him “Uncle Zhao”.When Yang Lan first entered Taiwan, he was also called Zhao Zhongxiang as “Uncle Zhao”. Until then, he hosted the show with Zhao Zhongxiang. At that time, there was no partner who was nearly 30 years old on Chinese TV. Yang Lan said, “It seems a little too uncle to call youIt’s ridiculous to call it by its name and it’s too impolite to call you Mr. Zhao.In this way, from “Chia Tai Variety” to the present, Yang Lan has always called Zhao Zhongxiang “Ms. Zhao”. “Ms. Zhao” is not just an honorific title. Yang Lan described her relationship with Zhao Zhongxiang as “a good teacher and good friend”.  Yang Lan recalled that when he was a presenter, he was young and vigorous, so he talked like popping beans. He spoke very fast, very much, and very full. I was afraid that there would be a little cold.  Once Zhao Zhongxiang ‘s friend brought him a freehand ink and landscape painting to taste with him, Zhao Zhongxiang pulled Yang Lan over, “Yang Lan, you see that Chinese landscape paintings are different from oil paintings.Three-quarters of the paintings are all left blank, which can give people who see the paintings a space for association and have room for charm.So you should pay attention to listening when you speak, and pay attention to leaving blank!”Zhao Zhongxiang also encouraged Yang Lan to write by himself.”At first, the two didn’t host the show together, but when they were in the same office, Zhao Zhongxiang read a manuscript written by Yang Lan. He said that it was good, and “Ruzi can be taught too.”Later, the two presided over “Chia Tai Variety” most of the host words were written by themselves.”I remember New Year’s Day in 1994, when spring was coming and I was about to leave CCTV.At the beginning of that episode, we wrote a host speech to express our call for spring, which was written by both of us at lunch at lunchtime.This also formed a habit for my later work, merging humane and beautiful characters into the host words, which had a great impact on me.”Writing / Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei Zhang He Zhou Huixiao Wan Liu Zhen Zhang Kunyu