Ding Junhui regrets that he did not reach the top of the world’s first ridiculous rocket at the critical moment.

Ding Junhui regrets that he did not reach the top of the world and ridiculed the Rockets at the critical moment
In the early morning of May 6th, Beijing time, the 2014 Snooker World Championships ended at the Cruzsburg Theater. Selby reversed O’Sullivan 18-14 in the 7-10 halftime situation, reversing O’Sullivan for the first time in his career.Start the World Championship trophy.Selby, while reaping the £300,000 championship bonus, also surpassed Ding Junhui in the world rankings, and Ding Junhui currently ranks second.Interestingly, if O’Sullivan finally won the revolution, it would be Ding Junhui who took the top spot in the world.  After the game, Ding Junhui also said on Weibo: “How many people are staying up late to watch the ball like me, Sago is not at a critical moment, the second is the second, if it is stable in the top three, there is a chance to hit the first, Look at me next season, the competition keeps going, try to do more than just wash it!”Some fans also expressed their dissatisfaction with the Rockets being reversed. Netizens “don’t confuse” and said: “Boring and ugly victory, the rocket’s obvious irritability and helplessness, Selby broke the rhythm again and again, one faceInsidious, proud.Victory in this style can only be expressed in silence and disdain.The Rockets are already great, but once again lost to this ugliness.Snooker no longer quotes the time-limited rules, the audience will be fewer and fewer, the market will be smaller and smaller.”Fans also said: “Even if Selby won this championship, he would not be truly recognized by the stage, and he would not be a true hero in the hearts of fans.The championship is just the starting point, I hope not to be a flash like Murphy.The quality of will reflected in the long game is worthy of praise, but it really depends on whether it can stand the test of time if it can truly become a star in the stage.”Some fans encouraged Ding Junhui to say: “The era of Sullivan has been shaken, and the world’s number one Selby is not invincible. The billiards world has ushered in an era of hegemony.Let’s look at the lovely brother Ding. You are not without this ability. It is not that the majority of Chinese fans are self-effacing. The key is your mentality and belief.You have to believe in your ability and the power of the vast majority of Chinese fans. If you play every game seriously next season, you will win with confidence.Junhui come on!On the 2013-2014 season year-end bonus list, Ding Junhui ranked second with 700,671 pounds, while Selby ranked first with 774,089 pounds.For Ding Junhui, the impact on the world’s first next season should be a more promising goal.