Massage brush conditioning five internal organs to promote sleep

Massage brush conditioning five internal organs to promote sleep

Recently, a five-element massage brush has appeared on the market and on the Internet, with extremely hot sales.

This humble little brush “hint” is combined with the five elements theory of Chinese medicine, which has the effects of dredging the meridians, detoxifying and beauty, decompression and illness, beauty and weight loss.

  A small brush that looks like it used to massage the head decades ago in an old barbershop, does it really have so many magical effects?

Guo Sheng, a massage doctor at the Oriental Hospital affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, told the Life Times reporter that in fact, massage brushes do not have so many significant effects, and that no health care tool can solve the problem of treating all diseases.

  However, this massage brush can indeed stimulate acupuncture points and promote local blood circulation. For healthy people, brushing the whole body once every 15 minutes or every other day can indeed regulate the effect of organs and internal organs, and it has effects on insomnia.Certain effect.

In addition, the brushing method is not too particular about it, do not use too much force, you can have a slight soreness when stimulating the acupoints, and it is appropriate to feel comfortable.

  Guosheng said that the massage department in the hospital mostly used hand massage. If tools and pressure were used, horns and talcum powder were also used.

Therefore, it is best to refer to this standard when choosing a massage brush, and choose products based on natural ingredients, so as not to irritate the skin.

In addition, skin damage, cancer patients, hepatitis patients, eczema patients, menstrual women and pregnant women should not be used, so as not to aggravate the disease or cause other diseases.

Diabetics should eat legumes

Diabetics should eat legumes

Some people with diabetes think that controlling their diet can control their condition, but they do not pay attention to nutrition, which leads to a decline in physical fitness, reduced resistance and comorbidities.

To avoid this situation, it is necessary to control the diet and obtain sufficient nutrition.

  Practice has proven that choosing legumes is a more effective way.

Beans contain an average of more than 30% protein and less than 50% starch.

Rice, white flour contains more than 85% starch.

Not only that, legumes can also add a variety of vitamins and minerals, which has high nutritional value.

  Therefore, people with diabetes who eat more beans and their products will not increase blood sugar.

In addition, changing the color variety and cooking method often can make you taste fresh and enjoy it.

  There are many legume products that can be eaten in daily life, and they are cheap and good quality and very economical.

Here are some soy foods, patients can choose according to their preferences and conditions.

  1.Soy products-tofu, frozen tofu, oil tofu, tofu shreds, tofu slices, dried tofu, tofu rolls, smoked dried, spicy dried, fragrant dried, vegetarian chicken, tofu, soybean protein, tofu milk and so on.

  The above products can cook a variety of additives: such as braised tofu, roasted tofu, fried tofu, tofu brain, casserole tofu, pot tofu, mapo tofu, shrimp paste tofu, fish head tofu, shallot mixed tofu, vegetarianAssorted, chicken soup braised in oil tofu, dried tofu with fried green peppers, smoked dried celery, fried tofu with shredded cabbage, tofu with peanut rice and so on.

  2.Soy Beans-Cook and peel the almonds first, soak them for 24 hours, and remove them. Soak the soy beans, peanuts, salt, and cook them in a large pot.

  3.Soybean porridge-(1) Take 1/3 porridge of soya beans, mung beans and rice.

(2) Soya bean rice porridge.

The soybeans are broken into four or six petals, peeled and sprinkled with water to mix well, so that the petals are prolonged, pressed into thin slices to dry, and vented to a dry place for use.

When eating, mix with millet, yellow rice, and glutinous rice starch.

This porridge Shengjin quenches thirst, fresh and refreshing, thirsty people with diabetes should drink this porridge.

(3) Each half of the soybean noodles and corn noodles are cooked.

This porridge is completely sweet and delicious.

And the proteins are complementary, and tryptophan and leucine will increase accordingly.

  4.Soybean and corn noodles-It is best to replace the half-milled noodles of soybeans and corn of the year, and use the boiling water to make the noodles.

  5.Tofu dumplings-stir-fry with soybean oil, spring onion, ginger, spiced powder, salt (without soy sauce), add tofu, stir-fry, add MSG.

The dumpling surface is soft, the skin is thin and the filling is large.

Its taste is very good.

This food can moisten stools and lower blood lipids. It is the best choice for patients with overweight diabetes.

  The above products can also be made with green beans or black beans, but the color is not as good as soy beans.

Men’s trouble-free skin care method, be a sunny man


Men’s trouble-free skin care method, be a sunny man

Although men cannot spend a lot of time on skin care like girls, they also take a moment to care for the skin.

The following is a detailed introduction for everyone, men’s trouble-free skin care method, I hope to help you.

  Men’s care is becoming more and more a trend now, and the male friends around them are beginning to pay attention to maintenance, but most of the male friends, it is really difficult to spend time on maintenance like female friends, but do the most basicIt is still necessary.

  Cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection are the three basic steps that everyone should take care of. Most male friends do the cleaning step most, because most boys will at least wash their face.

Here, male friends will be advised to choose products with a milder cleaning power when choosing cleaning products. Do not let the facial skin feel too dry after washing. This will cause excessive cleansing and cause sebum film damage.

  In the moisturizing part, I think it depends on my skin type.

What about men’s trouble-free skincare?

If the skin is more oily for boys, you can use a refreshing lotion or gel product to achieve moisturizing effect.

Boys with too dry skin may need some more moisturizing and moisturizing lotion or cream. Of course, you can add a lotion or serum in front of it. Please don’t think that every product needs to be used.

  In the sun protection part, I believe that most of the male friends are hardly able to apply sun protection. Generally, when boys have the most chance to apply sun protection, it is probably when they go to the beach in the summer to avoid sunburn.

If sun protection is not done well, it may cause melanin precipitation, spot formation, dull skin aging, wrinkles and acne, and sunburn may even cause skin cancer, so you must not know sun protection.

  After reading the introduction of the above content, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of men’s trouble-free skin care method.

As a reminder, if you want to be a sunny man, skin care is very important.

Daily swarf place can keep fit

Daily swarf place can keep fit


hzh {display: none; }  双手先对搓手背50下,然后再对搓手掌50下。Be careful, be sure to use your hands for heat.

Frequent handcuffs can promote the excitement of the brain and the whole body, increase the posture of the hands, soft and cold resistance, and also delay the aging of the hands.

  The forehead turns around up and down the forehead 50 times, often squatting can awake the brain, and can also delay the production of wrinkles.

  The nose is doubled with both hands and the index finger.

Frequent rubbing of the nose can make the nasal cavity clear, and has the effect of complications of colds and rhinitis.

  The ear slaps the ear back and forth with the palm of your hand 50 to stimulate the body’s health by stimulating the acupuncture points on the ear and enhances hearing.

  The ribs are left and then the right hand in the middle of the two ribs, the “thymus” acupuncture points alternately 50 times, often chest pain can cause the heart to calm.

  The abdomen is first left hand and then right handed to rotate the abdomen 50 times each, which can promote digestion and prevent accumulation and constipation.

  The waist and the palm of your hand are licked at the waist for 50 times. It can replenish the kidney and strengthen the waist and strengthen the vitality. It can also add back acid.

  Use the left hand to rub the right sole 50 times, then use your right hand to rub the left sole 50.

The foot is the “second heart” of the human. Frequent rubbing can promote blood circulation, intensify and enhance the function of the endocrine system, strengthen the body’s immunity and disease resistance, thereby increasing the cold resistance of the foot.

  When doing the above-mentioned “gossip”, the techniques of rubbing hands, foreheads and ears should not be heavy, but when rubbing nose, ribs, abdomen, waist and feet, the technique can be heavier.

How women become attractive husbands

How women become attractive husbands

Choosing an object is inseparable from dating men and women, and men and women improve their understanding of each other during dating. However, many people do not know anything about dating men and women. They do not know how to chat with girls, how to increase their charm, and how they like them.

Such people are also prone to emotional problems in the process of getting along with the opposite sex.

Here’s how to teach you how dating can be better!

  The girl is willing to go out with you, indicating that she is researching you and hopes to develop with you.

And where can I go with my sister, depending on your first date.

In the chat process of dating, what you should care about most is the direction of the chat.

  In the chat process, we should be most concerned about the direction of the chat, not what we want to talk about, because as long as there is direction, there are too many things to talk about.

  Then the direction of chatting when dating can be roughly divided into three: opening topics, connection topics, profound topics.

  First, the opening topic will certainly be a bit nervous and embarrassing for the first time. At this time, as boys, we should take the initiative to resolve the embarrassment, go to the topic to talk, and let the girls drop at a speed of speed to achieve comfort.

  In the opening, we can talk about life interests, talk about women and teenagers, and do whatever they like.

Think about what women are more concerned about?

Emotions, constellations, gossips, psychological tests, fun things about life, etc. are women’s favorite topics.

For example: 1.

What is your horoscope?

  Constellations are a great topic. You can read more about constellations, at least with a preliminary understanding.


Have you ever raised a small animal?

  It can be said that the funny thing about raising kittens and puppies is that girls generally have no resistance to small animals.

But don’t tell the story of puppies, kittens dead / missing, the opening chat is to achieve a relaxed and happy atmosphere.


How do you usually spend the week?

  Ask the other person first, then you can also talk about your life, DHV yourself.

It’s also easy to schedule your next appointment.

  Second, the topic of connection. Most people will have nostalgia for college life and dreams.

Then you can talk to her about some childhood fun and ideals.

  You can also share more of your previous stories and plans for your future life. This will make the other person feel that you have known each other for a long time and speed up the relationship between the two.

At the same time, it will be very easy for the girl to resonate with you and make this girl feel like this: Oh, me too!


For example: How did you spend your childhood in college?

If you choose, in which cities do you like to live?


Give you a month and a sum of money, where would you choose to travel?


  Third, in-depth topics (escalation relationships) In-depth topics include emotional topics. These topics need to be conducted in a quiet place with few people, because at this time you must not be disturbed in your spiritual conversation.

  Imagine you are talking silly and meaningless with a girl in a particularly noisy place like a nightclub.

  If your current dating location is noisy, then you must move to a quiet location.

  Emotional topics If you plan to develop a relationship with her male and female friends, it is best to talk to her about their emotional state.

But ask directly: “How many times have you been in love before?”It will make the other party uncomfortable. After all, it is wealth. If you are too direct, the other party will resist.

  The way to cut into the emotional state can be to talk about the age of the first kiss, and ask gently, for example: “If someone asks your age of the first kiss, how would you answer?”

“If the girl asks you back, you can take the opportunity to tell your love story:” I was late in love. Although I used to work in class and part-time, the Student Union will know many girls and often go to dinner with them and sing KBut the only thing I like is she is a sister and sister of Geography Institute of Foreign Languages, Gemini. I especially like her personality. At that time, there were many boys who chased her.

And she was a girl who didn’t like reading very much. At the time, she signed up for an English speech contest and needed to improve her spoken English. She just found me to help her practice.

Then I got up every morning to accompany her to read in the morning and teach her English.

Once I jokingly said to her, “Close your eyes”, I never expected her to close her eyes obediently, and then I kissed her.

“This is a story template, and the content of this story can show: you are very popular with girls; you are not the kind of person who will fall in love casually, and serious about feelings; you have a high level of English;Not the appearance, not the superficial guy.

  In the middle of the template can add more of your own things and your experience, of course, it is best to show your various advantages indirectly.

  The topic of kissing reduced the distance between the two, made and maintained strong eye contact with her, swiped between her eyes and lips while speaking, and then slowly sat closer to each other, slowly reducing the conversation.

  At this time, the atmosphere will become very ambiguous. When you are all silent, say to her: “I find it really good to be with you, I don’t know why, I am suddenly a little nervous now.

“Then slowly approached her and looked into her eyes.

  When she was about to speak, interrupt her: “Shh, you talk too much, do you want to kiss me?

“If she wants to, then kiss her: if she says” I don’t know “or something else (silent), you say” Let’s try “and then kiss directly; if she definitely thinks:” No!

“Don’t panic, reply to her:” I didn’t say you can.


  Note that the core of your first date with a girl is to relax and promote relationships.

The key to making the dating atmosphere easy and fun is to keep yourself relaxed and not to be overly nervous so that you can better express yourself and attract women.

  If you are nervous, the girl will feel your discomfort, then she can’t relax, no matter how interesting the topic is.

The first date will leave a deep impression on girls, or emotional changes and physical contact.

Emotionally make girls happy and physically make women feel shocked.

Such a date, women will definitely look forward to the next time.

  What kind of woman meets the good wife in the eyes of men. Beautiful women can have seductive functions. Men are usually visual animals. Sometimes they are convinced by their own vision. For a beautiful woman, like the Duke of Windsor, only loves beauty and would ratherThe story of giving up rivers and mountains has abounded since ancient times.

  In today’s society, beautiful women are always the target of men’s eyes. Even if they can’t marry a beautiful woman back home, it will be pleasing to the eye.

  Smart women can have brain-raising functions. Men usually like to deal with smart women, especially those intelligent women with agile minds. Not only can they teach men how to work hard and live a happy life, but they also allow men to replace the abandonment.The big-brained and brainless stereotypes allow self-righteous men to know that they can raise their brains with smart women. If they marry such a wife, men can prolong their lives.

  Kind-hearted women can have a mind-building function. Men go in and out of the murky workplace for many years. At the beginning of people, the things that are kind-hearted have long been consumed, and now they are a materialistic world. Many womenThe child finds the object and uses the money to customize the future husband. Therefore, if the girl is a kind-hearted girl, the man’s distorted conscience and blackened soul can be restored again.

  A gentle woman can have the function of recuperating. Some men do not like to marry a strong woman to be their own wife. This will make men’s nature of protecting weak lives very useless, and those literate women who are well informed, Is always the goal pursued by men, because such a woman will not force her husband to wash her feet before going to bed, and will not show her husband’s face at every turn, so that her husband must cater to her young lady’s temper.

  An intellectual woman can have the function of nourishing qi. The so-called intellectual woman refers to an elegant woman who has a pleasing feeling and a generous attitude towards others. She will use body language to tell you that she is a fashion conscious, behaves well, and loves herself., Think of others, women who are good at life. Therefore, with such a woman, her feminine charm will be influenced by men, and her ability to do things will also convince men.

  Talented women can have a self-cultivation function. Talented women are usually self-reliance, self-reliance and self-confidence. Women have the opportunity to get in touch with talented women. Naturally, they have created successful men, because talented women themselvesIt’s a book that allows men to cultivate their own lives.

Healthy women can have a healthy body. Healthy women are not only physically healthy, but also mentally healthy. She will use her own interpretation of life to affect the men around her, and tell others about the positive and healthy lifestyle she advocates. WomenIt should be happy, smart, confident, it should be successful, it should be the ability to control her husband, so men living with healthy women can not become decadent men.

  A good woman and a good wife are a school that allows men and husbands to have ear-earning growth opportunities, and also allows their families to live in harmony and share happiness.

Therefore, being able to marry a good woman to be your own wife is a blessing that has been cultivated in three lifetimes. If you enable these functions of your wife, you will often be baptized to yourself.

  How can a woman become attractive? Husbands do n’t derail. Do n’t stay in love easily. Overcoming is a common problem for women. When you are in love, you have to say a few words. When in love, men will take care of them and think that is the topic, butAfter marriage, the man thought it was nonsense and torture, and cocoons would be born in the ears.

Men prefer leisure more than women. When a woman is not talking, when he perceives something is missing, he can’t help but say a few words, and has the desire to talk to her.

  Being a good wife and mother is a lifestyle that many people want to enjoy.

However, laziness will only cause endless darkness, and it will make you feel like opium and lose its brightness step by step.

Men love gentle women and women who know how to do housework.

The man is tired outside. When he gets home, he may not have much to say, and he fell asleep with his head covered, but he knows that these are all good for the woman around him. He doesn’t say anything, but he will remember it.

  Be a cheeky woman. Women cry easily in the world of emotions.

If two people live together, there will be some misunderstandings.

Maybe, at this time, he said something terrible and did something bad.Afterwards, he knew that these were misunderstandings, and he feared that women would remember them.

Women should learn not to remember resentment. If there is resentment, it is unbearable, and you can report it on the spot, and don’t hide in your heart.

For example, let him wash the bowl for a week, mop the floor for a week, and then make him a meal to comfort him.

  In external relations, touting him, maybe a few friends sitting together and paying attention to sensitive topics, at this time, maybe he would say crazy words for the sake of face. At this time, women should learn to joke and learn to hold him.

For example, in the topic of friends, when he said that he wanted to have a second wife, you immediately said: good idea, so that I wo n’t have to worry about washing and cooking in the future.

Learning to joke is a kind of wisdom, as long as you know how to be modest, it will get you more.

  The charm of a man who supports him wholeheartedly is that he is upright, he can stand up to a family, and stand up to a future responsibility.

A man who loves you will try his best to make money.

When he’s doing this, don’t think he’s dumb, because when tired, frustrated, and helpless, he thinks you are his pillar.

Women’s compliments are a kind of pilot and a motive, which is a necessity for men, so women should not be jealous of their praise.

  Being a woman who will pass the time requires space between the two. When the man’s life is busy, he may not care about you, but at this time he is worried that you are boring or lonely.

  Women have a job and have a good income, but if they are a housewife, then they also learn to pass their time. Do n’t turn around him. When he comes down for a long time, arrange for twoIn the human world, life naturally has some interest.

  Be a well-informed sexy woman to constantly enrich yourself, whether it is beauty or connotation.

Men like to appreciate women, but also like to taste women.

Make a man think you are a book and make him think you are a lily.

It can be sexy like a cat in the room, and a dignified lady in the lobby can show the charm of a woman.

  A happy marriage requires the joint management of both men and women. Men must know how to take care of their own women, and women should learn to understand their men.

Understanding and admiring each other’s marriage relationship is a long-lasting state.

I hope that everyone can study more about psychology and look at the patterns of relationships between men and women.

Better yourself will make life easier.

Also often bath for plants in winter?

Also often “bath” for plants in winter?

Some potted plants should be moved indoors in winter.
The room is dark and dry, and pests and bacteria will enter this ideal “home” at this time.
To make plants better contribute to our health, rather than affect our health, the Chicago Tribune of the United States publishes the following recommendations: Insect pests: Check the plant stems and leaves for harmful insects and eggs.
These primary grafts should be kept separate from other potted plants for 1 month to prevent possible cross infection.
Once pests are found, they should be treated immediately with pesticides.
  Taking a bath in plants: “bathing” (ie, washing plants with a hose or shower head) can get rid of many pests.
Bathing the plants in late autumn also removes dust from the leaves.
Note that the washing process should not be too fierce, so as not to damage the leaves and branches.
At the same time, care should be taken not to allow the plants to be abraded during the washing process.
  The pot should be changed only when the pot is changed: Unless the roots of the potted plant are full and the ground is stretched, there is no need to change the pot.
The best time to change basins is early spring.
At the same time, pay attention to pouring water before changing the pot, and change the pot when the soil is wet and dry.
  Maintain humidity: Overheated, dry air is not good for potted plants, and it is easy to make spider mites more active.
To maintain the humidity of potted plants, these measures may be taken: (1) use a humidifier; (2) place the plants in the same place; (3) place the plants on a tray containing water and pebbles (water should not flood the pebbles).
  Organizing plants and not pruning: Pruning potted plants at the moment is not conducive to their dormancy.
Dead branches can be removed, but it is best not to cut branches until late winter season.

Explain the secret of dark chocolate to protect the heart

Explain the secret of dark chocolate to protect the heart

Many scientific studies have shown that eating dark chocolate is good for the heart.

Why does dark chocolate have this special feature?

Swedish researchers published a paper in the new issue of the American Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and explained it in detail.

  Researchers at Link?ping University in Sweden report that dark chocolate contains beneficial ingredients such as cocoa flavanols that can inhibit angiotensin-converting enzymes, thereby protecting the heart.

  Researchers explain that angiotensin-converting enzyme is an irreplaceable substance in the human hormone system, which regulates blood pressure.

Excessive levels of angiotensin converting enzyme can easily lead to arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

When angiotensin-converting enzyme is inhibited, blood pressure decreases.

  This is what the researchers found after researching 16 volunteers aged 20 to 25.

Researchers first measured angiotensin-converting enzyme levels in volunteers’ blood, and then asked them to consume 75 grams of dark chocolate (72% cocoa content).

The researchers then measured the levels of angiotensin-converting enzyme in the blood of volunteers at 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 3 hours later.

  The study found that 3 hours after eating dark chocolate, angiotensin-converting enzyme levels in the blood of volunteers decreased by 18%, which is equivalent to taking drugs that control angiotensin-converting enzymes.

  Lead researcher and professor of pharmacology Ingrid Burson said that although past research found that dark chocolate has a protective function for the heart, it did not explain the specific reason, and the latest research has initially revealed the mystery.

Knead daily without wrinkles after age 30

Knead daily without wrinkles after age 30

One day when you are in a daze in the afternoon, when you look at the yellow photos, when you see other people’s children playing, will you worry about thinking that you are old, not to mention the first wrinkles,So be sure to know some anti-wrinkle knowledge and methods in advance.


hzh {display: none; }  如何抵抗两颊和眼角的松弛?  Editors recommend massage techniques: 1.

To relax your head, use the thumb and index finger pads, repeat the eyebrows, and repeat the large pinch movements in depth.

  Use the thumb and forefinger’s fingertips to gently pinch the surface of the skin in a small pinch motion. The contact surface between the fingertips and the raised head should be 90 degrees.

  Recommended massage products: Guerlain Moisturizing Firming Essence: Its texture is very moisturizing and soft, and the skin tightening effect is very fast. The personal experience time is about ten minutes.

  After use, it looks like the skin is enveloped in a transparent veil.

The effect of reducing wrinkles and small fine lines is very obvious, and it is very suitable for use before important occasions such as evening parties.

The fresh scent of fresh hawthorn and fresh valley lilies is also fascinating.


Smooth frown lines Use the thumb and forefinger fingertips to gently pinch the skin surface with a small pinch motion. The contact surface between your fingertips and frown lines must be 90 degrees.


To adjust crow’s feet, use the thumb and forefinger’s fingertips to gently pinch the surface of the skin with a gentle pinch motion. The contact surface between the fingertips and crow’s feet must be 90 degrees.

  Recommended massage products: Chanel Perfect Repair Essence: After 30 years of age, it is obvious that the contours become increasingly blurred.

  Chanel Perfect Repair Essence is a new generation of special photoreactive elements. The light reflection of the three pigments of red, green and blue highlights the central part while hiding the undesired contours; plus the magical effect of fine powder, visualCover up disturbing wrinkles.

Now, finally I feel young again!

The initial skin sagging and sagging time.


To strengthen the cheekbones, use the thumb and index finger pads, and apply deep pinching to the cheekbones to stimulate the supporting tissue of the skin.


To lift the law pattern, use the thumb and index finger pads to change the law pattern, and gently pinch the skin surface with a gentle pinch motion.

  Recommended massage companion products: Dior 10 Degree Firming Emulsion: Centella Asiatica from India and Sapindus from Asia. The overall care product can produce excellent results in general.

  Skin feels tighter and firmer, and the face seems tightened and lifted.

Skin feels tighter and firmer, and the face seems tightened and lifted.
At the same time, it can improve the overall effect of skin tone.

Makes sunken jaws and thin lips plump and seductive.


Reshape the contour contour from the tip of the chin along the mandible to the temple with a deep pinch.

Place your fingers in the radial direction of the palm of your hand and press in a circle.

  Editing experience: For skin over 30 years old, three times a week for two weeks can make the skin more and more elastic.

  Recommended massage companion products: LANCOME Plastic Yan Firming Series Quick-acting Essence: Inspired to break through the latest beauty and plastic surgery technology, the active ingredients instantly form a lifting film on the skin and immediately tighten the skin.

The essence produces more than 25,000 micro-lifting effects on the face surface.

  It is the wish of every woman to hope that a spell can never grow old. Although it is a bit impractical, it is not without cure. Maintaining it every day and loving yourself is the best spell.

A natural detox for dark yellow skin

A natural detox for dark yellow skin

Work pressure is often overtime?

Always take away food for three meals?

When you meet an acquaintance who hasn’t seen you for a few days, do you say that you have become stunned?

There are small fine lines in the dark yellow eyes of the race?

. Dear, your skin may need to be detoxified. Test it against the following 6 skin problems:.

hzh {display: none; }  你的肌肤需要排毒吗  - 肤色还可以,并不是很黑,但是暗沉、发黄;  -皮肤感觉干燥,缺乏水分,弹性减弱;  -眼角下方有轻微细纹;  -The corners of the eyes and nose are easy to be blown by the wind, and white dandruff is generated after sun exposure and before menstruation;

  If the above facts appear, you must immediately join the skin’s detox action!

  Don’t doubt, maybe you whiten and sunscreen all day, apply a mask during the day and apply it at night, but you may not take this set on your skin. Toxins can’t be drained out. Any maintenance is doing nothing.

  Different from targeted skin care such as whitening and acne treatment, the overall skin condition needs to be comprehensively improved. Brands have successively applied the Chinese health theory such as traditional Chinese medicine to launch various Chinese herbal medicines and various plant fruit extraction products, which can be adjusted from the inside outSkin, detoxifies the skin.

  Pomegranate red pomegranate fruit, one of the oldest fruits in the world, is extremely rich in biomedical value, and is regarded as a magical natural fruit treasure. It has a vivid color, a sweet smell and a unique effect.Since ancient times, people have been using a therapeutic agent, especially to maintain a young appearance and healthy state, and thus set a sacred alternative to skin beauty.

  Recommended use: Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrient Essence Lotion: RMB 560 / 30ml fused with multi-vitamins, minerals and high-efficiency seed extracts to continuously renew the natural luster and vitality of the skin, creating a dazzling, healthy and beautiful face.

Apple extract promotes the regeneration of skin cells and helps the skin to naturally renew.

Carnitine, creatine, adenosine phosphate and calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. improve skin energy, accelerate cell metabolism, strengthen and purify skin, and avoid skin elastic tissues from being injured by toxins and accelerating aging.

  Green tea has long been said to be used for self-cultivation. Green tea is rich in antioxidant essences, which can prevent damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays, smoking, pollution and other environmental damage.

  Recommended use: H2O Green Tea Youth Eye Essence Lotion Price: RMB 420 / 13ML Green Tea Youth Eye Essence Lotion has triple green tea antioxidant essence (Japanese green tea, Paraguay tea, compound vitamins (vitamins A, C, E)) to form skin protectionBarrier to block all kinds of external injuries and create a pollution-free environment for the eye skin.

Get rid of dark circles, remove yellow gas and brighten skin tone.

  Red and white.

hzh {display: none; }  赤芍药生长于野外自然环境,具有清热去浊和活血通达的双重功效,能帮助促进肌肤循环和代谢能力,调整水分和油脂的代谢平衡,并增强肌肤的抵抗力;Paeonia lactiflora has the main function of nourishing, softening and moisturizing the skin.

  Recommended use: Herborist Cleansing and Beauty Taiji Clay RMB 380 / 290g Herborist Cleansing and Beauty Taiji Clay, Tai Chi Ancient Formula is the leading black clay for cleansing and decontamination, and white clay after skin replenishment to form “Tai Chi-Qingjifang”The structure of “Tai Chi-Run Yu Fang” inspires clearer and more effective supplements.

After clearing and moisturizing, black and white two steps restore skin balance, leaving skin fully glowing and natural.

  Safflower extract improves the blood microcirculation, promotes cell metabolism, enhances cell vitality, removes active free radicals, antioxidant effects, and prevents rough skin, wrinkles and dark spots.

  Recommended use: AVENIR Ayurveda Herbal Gel Lotion: RMB 138 / 200ml Newly added safflower extract, which has been an effective ingredient in Chinese medicine since ancient times, with more concentrated ginseng root, peony root, scutellaria root, angelica, kernel, Huang Gentian root and other natural herbal formulas, make the skin achieve rapid and effective deep purification, giving the skin more effective and safer perfect skin care experience.

The upgraded herbal curd lotion can be more quickly integrated with the skin, and the rich, moisturizing feeling is quickly transmitted to the deep layers of the skin, effectively conditioning the skin.

  Ganoderma lucidum has been considered to be able to “reinforce the solid foundation” and “tonic and strengthen the body” since ancient times. It is a very precious and rare plant.

Ganoderma is also a beauty product that can fight wrinkles, reduce inflammation, eliminate skin, and reduce gloss.

The beauty effect of Ganoderma Lucidum is mainly the organic germanium inside the Ganoderma lucidum fruit body. This substance has the function of purifying blood, promoting cell metabolism and preventing aging.

  Recommended use: YSL Saint Laurent Ganoderma Repair Cream ¥ 2480 / 30ml silky and delicate cream, using cell regeneration complex ganoderma extract, almond protein, etc., can eliminate wrinkles, let the complexion shine, and the skin alternates day after day.

Eat more corn and have beautiful eyes

Eat more corn and have beautiful eyes

Corn is the favorite vegetable of many people.

In fact, corn cannot be regarded as a vegetable because it contains a lot of starch and is therefore higher than ordinary vegetables. Therefore, corn is classified as a staple food in nutrition.

  Chinese medicine believes that corn-like flat taste sweet, appetizing, spleen, dehumidification, diuretic and other effects, attending diarrhea, indigestion, edema and so on.

  According to nutritional analysis, corn contains sugars, proteins, carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc and so on.

  Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a disease caused by aging eyes, which can cause vision loss in severe cases.

Many epidemiological studies have found that lutein and zeaxanthin can prevent the occurrence of macular sex in the elderly.

  According to a 1994 study conducted by Harvard Medical School and many research centers in the United States, overlapping larger amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin can reduce the risk of macular fractures in the elderly by 43%.

Corn contains lutein and zeaxanthin, especially a lot of it, so corn can be said to be an excellent supplementary food to fight eye aging.

  The carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin contained in corn are fat-soluble vitamins. Cooking with oil can help absorption, so it can better exert its health effects.

  From the perspective of anti-free radicals, a study by Cornell University in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that at 115 degrees Celsius, sweet corn was heated for 10 minutes, 25 minutes, and 50 minutes later.The activity was sequentially increased by 22%, 44% and 53%.

  Canned corn on the market can provide different cooking uses, but corn is susceptible to moisture and mold, so it must be eaten.