How to hydrate the body in the hot summer

How to hydrate the body in the hot summer

Not thirsty and drinking water When people are thirsty, it means that the body has slightly lost water.

  Do not drink a lot of water before or after meals.

Drink some sour plum soup, tomato soup, orange leaves, orange leaves and other acid-containing soups before meals, which will help ensure that the digestive system secretes enough digestive juice, help digestion, promote appetite, and can supplement vitamin C. It can also prevent heat stroke, butIf you drink a lot of water before meals, it will dilute the gastric juice and affect digestion.

After meals, food ingests most of the stomach space. If you still drink a lot of water, it will dilute the gastric juice and greatly reduce the sterilization ability of the human body, and increase the burden on the stomach, heart, and kidneys due to excessive drinking.

Therefore, after working, drink water before eating, and drink a maximum of 300 ml at a time, at least 30 minutes before drinking.

In the summer, it is necessary to replenish about 3000 ml of water daily to meet the needs of the human body.

The elderly are not sensitive to thirst and should take the initiative to drink a small amount of water several times, preferably 1500-2000 ml per day.

For pregnant women and breastfeeding women, the body needs more water, and the daily amount of water should be 3000-3500 ml.

  Drinking water needs salt. After sweating in summer, some people only drink and drink thirst, and slightly add salt.

Due to the loss of a large amount of water and the loss of salt during sweating, the osmotic pressure in the body loses balance. At this time, the water that is drunk cannot be stored in the cells, and it will be discharged with the sweat.The thirsty vicious circle.

Severe cases can cause muscle weakness, pain and even convulsions.

Therefore, in the hot summer, especially after a lot of sweating, you should drink some salt water appropriately.

  Don’t drink thirsty. Some people are greedy for a while, and drink plenty of water when they are thirsty.

This water accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract at once, in addition to feeling heavy and bloated in the stomach, it also affects diaphragmatic activity and affects normal breathing.

A large amount of water enters the blood, which can rapidly increase the blood volume, and the heart burden suddenly increases, resulting in abnormal heart and lung function.

Thirst thirsty drinking water and salt in body fluids are out of balance, causing severe pain during perfusion, and endangering life.

  Sweating and eating cold drinks is also very particular about eating cold drinks.

Director Du said that cold drinks can clear summer heat and quench thirst, which is worthy of summer people’s summer heat, but if it can be improper, it will affect physical health.

  Don’t be too greedy.

Excessive consumption of cold drinks will dilute the gastric juice and inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, which is not conducive to the digestion of food, and will weaken the sterilization ability of the stomach, which will affect people’s health.

  When sweating heavily, do not drink immediately.

Due to the rapid changes in cold and heat, the human body feels difficult to adapt, and it is easy to cause harm to the human body.

  Be careful with cold drinks.

Cold drinks are too cold, too much and too fast may cause a series of headaches in the body, causing severe pain.

  Some patients should not drink cold drinks.

Cold drinks can cause the body’s capillaries to contract, so patients with cardiovascular disease, bronchitis, sore throat, digestive inflammation, and cholecystitis should not drink cold drinks.

  Such water is not drinkable. Raw water is contagious and cannot be drunk.

Extremely warm boiled water. After repeated boiling of the residual water, the remaining steamer water in the steamed rice cannot be drunk.

These boiled waters contain high levels of nitrite unless they are potentially harmful to the human body.

  Moderate consumption of fruits to replenish a moderate amount of fresh melon and fruits and “tea” instead of water.

In summer, fruits and vegetables are extremely rich, such as watermelon, cucumber, and tomato. They can be used as vegetables, and they can also supplement water and nutrition. Making these fresh fruits and vegetables a complementary meal is really a good habit that is both economic and practical.

In addition, herbal medicines such as honeysuckle tea and chrysanthemum tea with pharmacological effects are often available at home, which are of great substitute for preventing heat stroke and preventing certain skin diseases.

  Don’t drink too much after exercise. Summer is also a season for exercise.

Therefore, hydration after exercise is extremely important.

Experts remind you that you cannot drink a lot of water quickly after exercise.

Although there will be a lot of water loss after summer sports, you can’t drink a lot of water quickly, and you need to have a long stream of water.

Experts believe that for the rehabilitation of dehydration exercise, supplementation should be done before, during, and after exercise, and it is recommended to drink 300-500 ml of water before exercise, and 150-250 ml of water every 15 minutes during exercise, after exerciseThen replenish the required moisture.

  Excessive drinking water is likely to cause “water poisoning” In the general impression, drinking more water is a good thing, but experts remind that excessive drinking water can cause “water poisoning”-also known as “dehydration and hyponatremia.”  Experts believe that a lot of water after sweating a lot will be more likely to cause water poisoning.

Some people feel thrilled and thirsty when they feel uncomfortable in the summer when they are thirsty, or after exercising or sweating after work. I wonder if this is the wrong way to drink water.

Because a person sweats a lot after working, exercising, or experiencing extreme heat. This loses both water and salt.

If you drink a lot of boiled water at one time without replenishing the salt, the water is reconstituted and absorbed, and then sweated out of the body. The sweat is lost and some salt is lost. As a result, the salt in the blood is reduced, and the water absorption capacity is reduced.It is quickly absorbed into the tissue cells, causing the cells to edema and causing water poisoning.

At this time, people will feel dizzy, dizzy, thirsty, and severely faint.

  Experts say that people feel thirsty after sweating a lot. It’s not exactly a lack of water in the body, but a feeling of small and dense saliva, sticky mouth, and dry throat.

At this time, you should rinse your mouth with water, then take your mouth and throat orally, then drink a small amount of water, stop for a while, and then drink some more. If you drink it several times, you will not damage your health due to “water poisoning”.

They said it would be better to replenish a little bit of saline in time after sweating from work or sports.

9 magical changes unique to newborns

9 magical changes unique to newborns

Newborns are not yet fully mature, so there are many unique physiological changes, especially in the first week to a month after birth. Many changes occur in the baby.

  1. Most newborns with physiological jaundice are born second?
Jaundice appeared on 3 days, on the 4th?
6 days is the heaviest. It usually subsides within 2 weeks after birth. During this period, the baby is generally in good condition without other clinical symptoms. It is called physiological jaundice.

  2. Swelling of breast cancer in newborn infants sometimes enlarges male and female infants. Obese usually occurs in the third place after birth?
Occurs within 5 days, which is caused by the interruption of the effect of the mother’s estrogen on the fetus. It does not need to be treated, and it is mostly 2 after birth
3 weeks subsided.

  3, the baby girl’s vagina is red, do not worry about baby girl’s 5th after birth?
7 days, sometimes a small amount of vaginal bleeding is visible for 1?
Self-stop on 2 days. This is also due to the sudden interruption of estrogen into the body after the mother’s pregnancy, resulting in menstrual bleeding that does not need to be treated.

  4, less urination, more times due to immature development, newborn babies urinate many times, but the amount is very small.

After about a month, the volume of each urination will gradually increase, and the frequency will gradually decrease.

  5. Unstable regulation of the body temperature of newborns The temperature regulation of newborns is not perfect. The subcutaneous donkey is thin and easily dissipates heat. Its body temperature rises or falls with the temperature of the environment. There are some special cases. Some babies are born 2?
At 5 days, the body temperature will somehow rise to 38 ° C.

Some people call this a temporary fever.

The reason is due to the lack of water in the baby’s body. Therefore, you should keep warm when it is cold, and ventilate and give a sufficient amount of water when it is hot.

  6, green stool baby is born 2 times, the color of the stool will appear dark green or dark brown, this is the so-called “fetal stool”.

This is because when the baby is in the mother’s belly, it consumes amniotic fluid and intestinal mucosa. After birth, it will emit such black or green stools.

About 5?
After 6 days, it will turn into ordinary earthy yellow.

  7, breathing fluctuations, vocalization of the throat, usually the newborn baby’s breathing is not so stable, and sometimes there is some kind of breathing irregularity, born 2?
3-day baby, about 20 breaths per minute?
30 times.

This is because the baby’s throat is very soft, and part of the throat will deform when breathing, and the narrow part of the air will make various sounds when it passes.

  8. After the baby is born with curled limbs, the two lower legs are often slightly bent, the feet are turned inward, the arms are turned slightly, and the limbs are flexed.

These are normal phenomena and are related to the position of the fetus in the womb before birth. The fetus in the mother’s abdomen is head to chest, hands clasped to the chest, legs bent.

After birth, the body’s cholesterol shape is temporarily maintained. Most of them need to disappear after the full moon, and the feet will be normal after 3 months of inversion.

  9, Chin hypertension Because the newborn’s nervous system has been developed and the suppression function is poor, there are often complications of involuntary jaw.

This is not ill, and parents need not be nervous.

However, in the winter, parents should do a good job of keeping warm. If there is abnormal body temperature change, they must consider the disease factor.

Flattering is also a mental illness

Flattering is also a mental illness

Mei is because she lacks the love of her parents. She wants to find the inner balance and look around her. Everyone has encountered a colleague who flatters her leader and needs to pat her horse.According to the behavior of others, in social life, people have more or less experience of “beating others” or “being beaten by others”.Alas, the “horse fare” who is extremely indifferent to bullying is a disease.

  Generally speaking, flattering is not a psychological problem. “Look, look, this suit is worn on the manager Ding, it is just designed for you. This small lapel is most suitable for round faces. This color combination makes you easily young. At least20 years old, who wants to say no, I and he are anxious!

When a friend said that a male colleague flattered a female boss, he gestured with his hands and feet and interpreted the movements and expressions of his colleagues.

Colleagues said that, in fact, everyone thinks that manager Ding, who is physically fit, is not suitable for the suit, and the color shows her obesity, but a colleague of a friend is also an employee of manager Ding.However, the suit can be seamlessly matched with the boss. Not only that, any small move of Manager Ding will be exaggerated as a “watermelon” by the male colleague, and Manager Ding Jiutian is also willing to suffer.

Friends said that this male colleague was ridiculed privately as a “horse fart”.

  ”Farting”, people’s feelings for it seem to be very subtle. Most people feel a little awkward and uncomfortable when making other people’s fart. When they are being made fart, they can still resist it at first, but if they get caught itching, thenThere are also people who can’t endure Shutan Jin.

In the workplace, almost everyone has been and is being ridiculed, such as “You are so young to achieve such a great achievement!

You are the most beautiful girl in the company!

Your improper leadership is simply a failure of the company!

Your tie and suit are incomparable . “As long as someone has an interest, there is a flatterer.

  Shi Zhanbiao of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said in the name of flattering that people are more in order to give face to others and get human feelings. This kind of deliberate behavior is a strategy in interpersonal communication and a concentration of social and cultural phenomena. It is extremely universal!

In fact, in the usual sense, flattering is not a psychological problem.

However, if a person regards flattering as a necessity of life, has no purpose and is meaningless, and makes himself overcoming the realm, then it is a disease, especially when he sees people.The super “horse fart” who does not look back on the “horse hoof” needs immediate psychological treatment!

  During the interview, Dr. Shi Zhanbiao and senior psychological counselor Jiang Yan accidentally divided the flatterer into the following three types: “beautiful upper and lower down”, “only upper and lower down” and “both upper and lower”.
  The “horse fart” and “Meishang” must be accompanied by “deceiving” in order to maintain their inner balance. The corrupt official Wang Gang shaped in the “Bronze Tooth and Steel Tooth Ji Xiaolan” broadcasted on the previous TV station?

I am afraid that no one knows, no one knows, he is the typical representative of the “beautiful upper and lower bullshit” horse fart who has deep pain.

This kind of people often use the tricks to achieve the purpose of charm.

In life, such examples are not uncommon. In the workplace, small managers at the middle level often pat their bosses and pat their chests in front of leaders to allow them to complete work tasks ahead of schedule. In the face of subordinates,He made great achievements, made great achievements, worked overtime without pay, sacrificed the interests of his subordinates, and flattered the leaders to achieve the purpose of leaving a good impression on the leaders.

  Shi Zhanbiao analyzed that certain people are completely self-interested, and in their eyes, everything is profitable.

“Mei Shang” is to get benefits from the boss, “Believe” is due to deliberate encounters, resulting in strong depression, especially when photographed on the “horse hoof”, you can accumulate resentment, you can faceThe power of leadership is only obedience, not to be angry or to speak, resulting in long-term suppression of anger.

When this anger needs to be vented, anger is taken for granted to the weak in the subordinates and colleagues.

Looking at the “horse farts” that are motivated by lust, “Mei Shang” will be accompanied by “Bad Down”, so as to maintain its inner balance.

  A senior psychological counselor at Beijing Jingshi Huixin Psychological Counseling Center said that the “beautiful boobs” who are “beautiful and seduced” will surely weigh the subjects they are photographed against, and face a high-weight boss. If they are not in charge of his work,No direct help can be provided to the interests he sees, so this kind of “horse fart” will not stick to his face.

Just like Wang Xifeng in “A Dream of Red Mansions”, she saw Jia’s supreme position in the family, so she always patted Jia’s fart, scratching Jia’s itch, and made Jia’s mother smile.

But to others, she didn’t look at it.

3 main themes of autumn skin care


3 main themes of autumn skin care

In the summer, more or less damaged skin is in urgent need of repair. Anti-aging, deep cleansing, moisturizing will be the three main themes of this season’s skin care.

  Anti-wrinkle repair-Don’t let the skin suddenly age. The old summer has quietly passed, but at the same time it also takes away smooth and bright skin.

After being exposed to intense ultraviolet rays for a whole season and being pumped by air conditioners every day, the dermis layer of the skin has suffered a heavy blow. The problems of dryness and relaxation are easy to surface, and wrinkles are also prone to occur.

No wonder the skin feels suddenly aging every summer.

If you don’t want young skin to go with the summer, you must fight this kind of reorganized “false aging” to the end!

  The beautician suggested that the late summer to autumn is the best season for skin repair. At this time, the damaged cortex can be repaired for the skin.

Appropriate selection of skin care products containing natural yeast, such as Pitera–a special skin care product that cannot be artificially synthesized and can only be purified under specific circumstances, pressure and temperature.

This special yeast contains natural amino acids, minerals, organic acids, inorganic acids and other natural ingredients that are indispensable for healthy skin. It helps to regulate the natural physiological cycle of the skin, replenishes skin moisture, softens the texture of the skin, and helps the skin to be crystal clear, Balances sebum, soothes skin after sun exposure, and helps adjust skin pH.

At the National Workshop on Skin Therapy and Skin Beauty in Wuhan Antiques not long ago, he was highly recommended by Mr. Yoshii Yoshii, a Japanese expert with the reputation of “Father of Pitera”.

  Deep cleansing-To warm and moisturize the skin, it should start with cleansing and give the skin the most detailed care.

Don’t use scrubs often in the fall.

It is better to apply a mild but slightly acidic cleanser when cleaning your face, especially for dry and normal skin types.

Oily skin depends on the amount of oil and the thickness of the keratin. Generally, you can do scrub and cleansing once every half month.

Wash your face with cold or warm water as much as possible, which has a good effect on promoting skin absorption of moisture, enhancing skin elasticity and gloss, and improving skin resistance.

It is necessary to reduce and avoid washing your face with hot water. The temperature in autumn becomes lower. If you wash your face with hot water, your already dry skin will gradually evaporate more moisture and oil.

  Of course, in the skin cleansing step, it is impossible to cover the powerful deep cleansing and conditioning effects of cleansing masks and exfoliating products. They can completely remove deep makeup residues and help the skin to absorb the nourishing ingredients of the skin care products.

  Nourishing and moisturizing-“Water storage” and the coming of the autumn wind, the weather becomes dry and cold, and the skin also becomes inactive; the secretion of oil and sweat is reduced, it is easy to dry, and it lacks elasticity.

Not only dry skin and normal skin will feel tight and uncomfortable, dry wrinkles, that is, oily skin will also be dry and wrinkled due to cold air attack and accelerated heat dissipation.

In the summer, the damage caused by ultraviolet rays and excess oil has not subsided, and the skin is facing a new shock of the season!

Faced with sudden drops in temperature and humidity, the skin is particularly vulnerable to dehydration.

Dull and tired, rough, the condition will worsen without care, the formation of fine lines or even wrinkles.

If you want your skin to stay hydrated and smooth through the seasons, let her “storage” well.

Uninterrupted hydration is essential for autumn beauty.

Eating coarse grains is exquisite

Eating coarse grains is “exquisite”

Coarse grains not only contain protein and carbohydrates needed by the human body, but also rich in vitamins and inorganic salts such as calcium and phosphorus. Relatively speaking, dietary fiber is higher and less energy.
  Eating coarse grains is good for your health, but you should not be too greedy.
  Coarse grains generally refer to grains other than rice and flour, including millet, yellow rice, buckwheat, corn, sorghum, barley, soybeans, edamame, peas, mung beans, red beans, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, chestnut, water chestnut, peanuts,Sesame and so on.
Coarse grains not only contain protein and carbohydrates needed by the human body, but also rich in vitamins and inorganic salts such as calcium and phosphorus. Relatively speaking, dietary fiber is higher and less energy.
Therefore, pay attention to the thickness and thickness when eating cereals.
  Nutrition experts point out that coarse grains should be eaten often, but not too much.
Excessive consumption of coarse grains can affect the absorption of protein, inorganic salts and certain trace elements by human functions, especially for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and adolescents with large nutritional requirements. Long-term consumption of large quantities of coarse grains may lead to malnutrition.
  There are also some “exquisite” about eating coarse grains: drinking coarse grains should drink plenty of water in time, because the cellulose in coarse grains needs sufficient water to ensure the normal work of the intestine; eating coarse grains must be done step by step, and people who eat meat suddenly increase the intake of coarse grains.The amount will cause intestinal maladjustment; when eating coarse grains, it should be accompanied by amaranth, because the taste of coarse grains is slightly worse, the mineral absorption rate is lower, and the protein is not high.
  People often eat sweet potatoes, potatoes and other potato foods. In fact, for the general population, it is advisable to eat potatoes about 5 times a week, and it is best to control it between 50 grams and 100 grams each time.
Experts point out that potatoes have a low protein content, and children’s long-term excessive consumption is not good for growth and development.
Excessive intake of potatoes can cause heartburn, acid return, bloating, snoring and other discomforts, especially chronic gastritis, esophagitis, peptic ulcer and other digestive tract diseases and digestive dysfunction. Pay attention not to eat too much.
In addition, potato starch has a high content of starch and is easy to “absorb oil”, so it should be steamed, boiled, and roasted in cooking, not fried.

Language violence has become the most harmful in campus

“Language violence” has become the most harmful in campus

Seeing a survey report recently made me feel very heavy.
A survey conducted by the Organizing Committee of the “Chinese Children and Children Safe Action” showed that “language injuries”, “peer violence”, and “sport injuries” have become the three major campus injury problems that primary school students think urgently to be resolved.
Among them, “language injury” has become the primary concern of elementary school students and the most urgent problem that needs to be solved, the proportion is as high as 81.45%.
  Once upon a time, corporal punishment or disguised corporal punishment was verbally criticized, which has drawn great attention from the whole society.
The education management department strictly prohibits corporal punishment or disguised corporal punishment of students, and parents dare to take up legal weapons to protect their children’s rights, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of corporal punishment or disguised corporal punishment.
However, the accompanying “language violence” has also clearly risen.
When criticizing students, some teachers often use sarcasm and sarcasm to blame and ridicule students, and some of them have deliberately ignored some “problem students” for a long time, or even “broke arrogantly.”
This “language injury” has a certain concealment, which is invisible and intangible, but the harm is not shallow.
If the child is a seedling, corporal punishment hurts the external branches and leaves, and language violence hurts the roots.
Branch and leaf damage can also be recovered, and root vein contusion will directly affect growth.
Although students are young, their self-esteem is more sensitive and fragile than adults.
A teacher’s look and language suggest that even an inadvertent action can have a great potential impact on their healthy growth.
“Language violence” not only insults the personality of students, damages students ‘self-esteem and self-confidence, causes confrontation between teachers and students, and affects teaching effectiveness. It can also lead to students’ mental disorders, loss of courage in life, and lead to school weariness, truancy, and crime.Serious consequences such as suicide.
  Good words are warm in the winter, and bad words hurt the cold in June.
Obtaining praise and affirmation from teachers is a psychological need of students.
Once this need is met, human potential will be miraculously inspired, and the teacher’s tolerance and understanding should be millions of times better than criticism.
A word of encouragement can fill the hearts of students with warmth, and warmth is the driving force for progress; a greeting of concern will bring the distance between teachers and students closer, the door of the soul will be opened, and it will be easy to ask students to do something.
  Students need the nourishment of knowledge as well as the care of the soul.
In the face of students, our teachers must be less ironic and ridiculous, more patient and friendly, especially when students “repeated teaching”, we must be calm and restrained, do not let “language violence” stab students’ hearts!

Beauty remedies for murdering pro-skin

Beauty remedies for murdering “pro-skin”

Beauty is an eternal subject for women. There are thousands of MMs who love beauty. With such a large mass foundation, there are all kinds of small beauty recipes circulating in the room.
However, some small recipes will not only bring you beauty, but will also quietly destroy the original ecology of your skin.
Today, we will polish the golden eyes of the fire together and scoop out those small remedies that are harmful.
  Acne articles Red light stop: wipe toothpaste to acne anti-inflammatory toothpaste can dry the skin, the previous toothpaste contains zinc, so it is often used to reduce skin pimples.
In the past, people thought that pimples were caused by excessive oil secretion. As long as the oil was dried, the pimples would be fine.
But in fact, oil is only one of the problems. We also need to solve the problem of skin redness and inflammation.
“In response to these two problems,” Dr. Yang Yi said, “Today’s toothpaste only adds oil to the fire-few toothpastes contain zinc, and most toothpastes contain fluoride, which only irritates the skin and worsens acne.
“Green light line: After aspirin is crushed, apply it on acne. If you take a closer look at the boxes of many acne cosmetics, you will find that most of their main ingredients are salicylic acid, and aspirin contains salicylic acid.
Grind aspirin, stir with water to make a paste, and apply it to acne. The salicylic acid contained in it can dissolve the oil in the pores, and it has an exfoliating and anti-inflammatory effect on the superficial epidermis.
Therefore, it is still feasible to use aspirin to deal with nasty acne.
However, Dr. Yang reminds everyone that sensitive skin should still be used with caution, because the high salicylic acid content of aspirin may irritate sensitive skin.
  Eye protection articles: Red light stop: Hemorrhoid cream to smooth dark circles and fine lines
Don’t say it, it works!
So this little recipe really has a basis for widespread circulation.
Incredible, right?
Dr. Yang revealed the mystery for us.
Let’s take a look at the ingredients of hemorrhoid cream: rich oil, moisturizing glycerin, pearl, musk and other ingredients.
The benefits of pearls on the skin are well known. Musk can promote microcirculation, so it is effective in alleviating dark circles.
However, when you apply hemorrhoid cream to your eyes, you lose more than you get.
Hemorrhoid cream has strong irritation. The skin around the eyes is almost the most delicate skin on the human body. Long-term use of a strong astringent will accelerate skin aging and cause allergies.
  Green light line: Homemade potato masks. Potatoes are not only nutritious foods, but also have good skin care effects. There are many ways to use potatoes for skin care. Masks are one of the most common.
It can help reduce dark circles and can be used to absorb excessive oil secreted by the skin.
  美白去皱篇   红灯停:柠檬中含有丰富维生素C和柠檬酸,所以拿纯天然的柠檬片敷脸   柠檬是公认的美容圣品,在美白肌肤和抵御皮肤老化方面,具有极佳的效果,So it has always been loved by the hearts of beauty MM.
But the fresh lemon has a very high acidity, and the acid is corrosive. Think about it, this high-intensity acid is directly attached to the face without dilution. How can your delicate skin stand?
The beauty products are extracted from the beauty ingredients of lemon, so it will not cause strong irritation to your skin.
In addition, Dr. Yang Yi also pointed out that lemon is light-sensitive, and it is used to apply your face during the day. If you are in close contact with the sun, you will be more tanned!
  绿灯行:蛋清涂脸来收紧肌肤  镇静肌肤篇  红灯停:鲜芦荟汁直接抹脸   近年的美容界大刮“芦荟风”,芦荟的安抚滋润效果为全世界的人们所认可,家养芦荟也成Out of fashion.
Many Amy ladies directly take the next section of aloe and apply the juice on the face. However, fresh aloe juice can cause irritating dermatitis. As a result, many people have small red spots on their faces and molting.
Fresh aloe juice, like fresh lemon slices, has a strong confusion-pure natural, but pure natural things can also be strongly irritating, and the result is counterproductive.
  Green light line: iced milk can calm the skin. High room temperature or emotional irritation will cause the skin to become hot and red. Soak the gauze in iced milk and apply it on the face. The protein and fat in the milk can effectively relieve the skin’s dryness.
However, when the milk dries, it will take away the skin’s moisture, so it should be moisturized immediately after cold application.
In addition, Dr. Yang also reminded us not to apply ice when your face is sweating. Low temperature will quickly lock your pores. Dirty things are trapped inside the pores. Washing your face with warm water is a good choice.
  Proponents of the egg white method can be said to be spread across all ages. One egg is opened, and you can often see interesting scenes of the three generations of old, young and middle-aged watching TV.
This method is really effective, the egg white will shrink when dry, and can tighten the skin.
However, you should first stir the egg whites thoroughly to form a foam. If you do not stir the egg whites, the egg whites will become very viscous and difficult to spread evenly.
The egg whites are dry cleaned and rubbed in care products, which can continue the firming effect.

Fine Action Games-Sponge Drawing

Fine Action Games-Sponge Drawing

Develop ability training hands-eye coordination ability to stimulate imagination, cultivate artistic expression and cultivate concentration game method draw a big house on white paper, clip a small sponge with a clip, let the baby dip the sponge with paint, and paint with the sponge happily.

  In the process of painting the baby, the mother can sing a song for the baby: 1 = C 2 ∕ 4    painter   53 5 3 ∣ 5 3 1 ∣ 2 4 3 2 ∣ 5-∣5 3 5 3∣5 3 1∣2 4 3 2∣1-∣. I am a painter and I have a strong ability to paint. I want to paint the new house beautifully. 2 2 4 4∣3 1 5∣2 4 3 2∣5-∣5 3 5 3∣5 3 1∣2 4 3 2∣1-∣ Brush the roof and brush the wall and fly around, oh my little nose becomesYeah changed.

  In addition to letting the baby paint a small house with a sponge brush, the mother can also prepare some large-scale paintings such as radishes, apples, and pears, and let the baby practice sponge painting.

  Note: You can prepare different painting tools for your baby, such as sponges, chopsticks, wool, leaves, plastic forks, etc., so that your baby can use his ground imagination through the ground, while making the baby’s small hands more flexible.

Nutrition in white rice

Nutrition in white rice

Who said that eating white rice will make you happy!

In fact, white rice and obesity are not equal!

The carbohydrates decomposed by white rice can be immediately digested and absorbed by the body and converted into useful glucose, which can be used directly by the body as fuel.

  Therefore, full use of the benefits of white rice does not necessarily make you happy!

In fact, as long as you make full use of the three major nutrients required by the human body: protein, protein, a small amount, you can have a bumpy body.

  As for the carbohydrates among the three nutrients, white rice is taken as an example. The carbohydrates produced by white rice digestion and decomposition can be converted into energy by the human body. After protein and micro-digestion, they must interact with other organisms to interactAnd produce fuel.

  Three nutrients the body needs1.

The efficacy of vitamins Phospholipids can also be called sugars, which are digested fastest and easiest to be absorbed by the body, and can provide the main source of activity energy.

And carbohydrates can be fully burned in the human body, producing carbon dioxide and water, and will not produce other substances, so it is the most appropriate energy for the three major nutrients required by the human body.


The effect of protein on human body is to make meat, blood, increase skin elasticity, dark hair, etc. However, if you only take protein in your diet, it will cause protein to fail to exert its effect effectively and can only provide pure fuel.As the basic energy of the body.


Aunt’s effectiveness Aunt can be divided into animal aunt or plant aunt, but the aunt has more than two times more calories than the control and protein.

Carbohydrates can be produced from the body after being absorbed by the general human body.

  The methods and disadvantages of protein and adults becoming substitutes are generally, as long as the body does not have any protein, the existence of protein and adults will be regarded as a thin substitute.

Moreover, before proteins and adults can be decomposed into useful energy, they must overcome the full cooperation of the liver and kidneys in order to generate usable energy and easily cause unnecessary burden on the human body.

  Note for dieters Do not because dieting produces symptoms of uneven diet, ignore useful white rice, excessive intake of protein and diet, it is easy to cause problems in the process of digestion of energy, so it will produce less and more fatOr thick legs and obesity.

  If you want to improve this damage, you must set a new diet for yourself. Do n’t just eat a single nutrient food during weight loss, to avoid leakage of imbalanced nutrition, leading to unhealthy health orIt is the fact that more and more are happening.

Delicious and nutritious kidney recipes

Delicious and nutritious kidney recipes

“Kidney qi” refers to the qi formed by the kidney essence, which reflects the functional activities of the kidney, and is particularly important for human life activities.

If the kidney qi is insufficient, premature aging and longevity will cause various complications, which is extremely detrimental to health.

For example, the cold corresponds to the five elements of the kidney. The yang that is most likely to damage the kidneys is prone to cold pain in the waist and knees, susceptible to cold and wind, nocturnal urination, and no ejaculation. Alternative ingredients .Black rice, coarse rice, blueberry sauce.

Method: Wash the mulberry and soak it in salt water for 30 minutes, and dry it.

Add purple rice, black rice and coarse rice to the pot to cook porridge. Then add mulberry and cook for 10 minutes.

Finally add blueberry sauce to taste.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and kidney, strengthening the spleen and warming the liver, promoting eyesight and promoting blood circulation.

  Black beans and black rice juice ingredients: 50 grams of black beans, 30 grams of black rice, medlar amount.

Method: Wash the black beans and black rice and soak them one night in advance.

Crush black beans and black rice with a soymilk maker, then pour the black liquid with black beans and black rice into the soymilk maker.

Add the amount of water, add the cleaned wolfberry while it is hot, and serve immediately.

  Oxtail kelp soup ingredients: oxtail, kelp, black beans, longan, spring onion, ginger, salt, wine and other spices.

Method: Wash the oxtail, put it in the pot, simmer the water, remove the bleeding end, and then remove the clean oxtail.

Wash the kelp and cut into diamond-shaped pieces. Soak the black beans in water for half a day in advance.

Boil water in the pot, add oxtail, green onion and ginger, skim off the froth after adding it, and add Shao wine, add black beans when it is fragrant.

After about an hour and a half, add kelp pieces, and finally cook for a while, add the longan meat, season the meat with salt and season.

  Efficacy: kidney and spleen, anti-aging.

  Ingredients for Tremella soup: 50 grams of Tremella, 25 grams of Chinese wolfberry.

Method: Run the Tremella in advance, put the Tremella in the pot and boil it, add wolfberry, fry it with a gentle fire, and season with sugar.

  Effect: Nourishing Yin and Kidney.

  Fried oxtail ingredients: oxtail, paste, ketchup, carrot, onion, celery, garlic, angelica, ginger.

Method: Shred the onion, cut the celery into small pieces, cut the radish into round tortillas, cut the ginger into slices, and cut the garlic into slices.

Add water to the pot, put the oxtail into the pot, skim off the blood, and remove it for use.

Put the oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, add the onions, celery, ginger, and garlic and stir-fry.

Put three large spoons of tomato sauce, boil it into juice, then add oxtail, add boiling water and cook into Shao wine, boil over high heat and simmer over low heat for one and half hours.

Add angelica, cook over low heat for half an hour, add sugar, salt, pepper and other condiments.

Add the carrots and simmer them, and simmer for a while.

  Efficacy: strong bones and bones, enhance metabolism, nourish qi and nourish blood.

  Wolfberry wine ingredients: 250 grams of wolfberry, 500 grams of white wine.

Method: Wash the wolfberry, soak it with white wine, remove it after 15 days, and put it into a pot to grind.

Pour white wine and wolfberry into a white cloth belt and squeeze out the juice.

Pour the juice into an aluminum pan, boil it with martial arts heat, and then simmer with simmering heat. Concentrate to a paste, then cool, put it in porcelain, and set aside.

  Efficacy: Longevity and longevity, suitable for symptoms such as kidney deficiency and whitening.

  Ingredients for antler black chicken soup: 250 grams of black chicken and 10 grams of antler.

Method: Wash the black chicken, cut into pieces, and simmer with velvet, add the right amount of water, simmer over water and stew, season and take.

  Efficacy: Wen Gong Bushen, suitable for those who are cold in the palace, those who suffer from kidney deficiency and essence failure.

  Ingredients for lotus seed chicken: 250 grams of pure chicken breast, 60 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 10 grams of ham, egg whites, starch, and appropriate seasoning.

Method: Diced chicken breasts, mix with egg white and starch; soak the mushrooms and cut into small diamond-shaped pieces with the ham meat; remove the lotus seeds and steam them for later use.First stir-fry the chicken in the oil pan until it is ripe, drain the oil, add lotus seeds, shiitake mushrooms, ham and the right amount of condiments, stir fry a few times and serve.

  Efficacy: strengthening the spleen and kidney, nourishing the heart and strengthening the body.