How to prevent chronic gastritis

How to prevent chronic gastritis

In today’s society, experiencing the rapid development of society, people often have irregular diets due to busy work and other entertainment. If they go on, they will be prone to chronic gastritis. Chronic gastritis is a disease that is difficult to cure.What should I do with chronic gastritis?

Let’s take a look at it for everyone. I hope I can help you.

What should I do to prevent chronic gastritis?

1, to maintain a happy mental depression or excessive tension and fatigue, easy to cause pyloric sphincter dysfunction, bile reflux and chronic gastritis.

2, smoking cessation of tobacco harmful substances in the tobacco can cause increased gastric acid secretion, harmful stimulation of the gastric mucosa, excessive smoking can cause bile reflux.

Excessive drinking or long-term drinking of strong alcohol can make the gastric mucosa congestion, edema, and even erosion, the incidence of chronic gastritis is significantly increased.

You should quit smoking and avoid alcohol.

3, with caution, avoid using drugs that have damage to the gastric mucosa for a long time. Repeated use of these drugs causes damage to the gastric mucosa, causing chronic gastritis and ulcers.

4, active treatment of oropharyngeal infections, do not swallow sputum, nasal discharge and other bacterial secretions into the stomach leading to chronic gastritis.

5, eat more high-protein foods and high-vitamin foods to ensure that the body’s various nutrients too much, to prevent anemia and malnutrition, such as lean meat, chicken, fish, liver and kidney and other internal organs as well as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, eggplant, red dates, etc.

Best to eat 2 per meal?
3 fresh hawthorn to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice.

6, pay attention to food acid-base balance when the stomach acid secretion is too much, you can drink milk, soy milk, eat taro or bread to neutralize stomach acid; when the gastric acid secretion is reduced, you can use concentrated broth, chicken soup, sour fruit or juice,Stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and helps digestion.

Avoid eating foods that cause bloating and fiber content, such as beans and soy products, sucrose, celery, leeks, etc.

Excessive acid, too spicy and other irritating foods and cold and non-digestible foods should be avoided. Eat slowly when eating, so that the food is fully mixed with saliva, which is conducive to digestion and reduce stomach irritation.

Diet should be quantified on time, nutritious, eat more foods containing vitamins A, B, C.

Do not drink strong tea, espresso and other stimulating drinks.

Tips: The above is the problem of how to prevent chronic gastritis. I hope that everyone will take it seriously. Once you find the symptoms of chronic gastritis, you should immediately receive professional and comprehensive treatment. You must not be numb to avoid delaying the best treatment of the disease.opportunity.

In addition, in life you must maintain a good habit and love your body.

Finally, I hope that patients will recover soon.

1 Yoga Yoga Shoulder Shoulder

1 Yoga Yoga Shoulder Shoulder

Posture breakdown: 1, sit cross-legged and inhale.

  2. Cross the fingers behind the skull.

  3. Exhale with your right shoulder against your right knee and keep breathing naturally 6 to 8 times.

  4. Repeat in the opposite direction and practice three to five times on each side.

  Efficacy: beautify the shoulder and neck muscles, shape the neck and shoulder lines, prevent brachial aches, strengthen the tonsils and thyroid function.

  Tip: Before practicing yoga, warm up first, soften your body with a 10-minute posture, stretch your limbs, and reduce sports injuries.

Then do targeted posture exercises, by external exercises for hips, legs and other parts, combined with internal breath adjustment, beautify the body curve, strengthen muscles, release stress and eliminate troubles.

Demystifying the strong attraction of love on earth

Demystifying the strong attraction of love on earth

In love, there are many personal contradictions in our hearts. These self-entanglements are the important reasons that lead to love.

  Love originates from the pursuit of self saying, “It’s not that the enemies don’t get together.” Love is also often the same. The two love and hate each other, fight and make trouble, but love to die.

For this kind of psychology, psychologists believe that one of the reasons for the strong attraction among lovers is actually to pursue a complete self.

  Psychologist Yange believes that everyone has a “dominant” and “recessive” (or “shadow”) personality.

In fact, in addition to showing the “explicit personality” that everyone sees outside, there is also a “shadow personality” that is just the opposite, with a hidden heart.

In other words, a very lively person actually has a depressed side, while another very quiet person is likely to become restless in another strange environment.

According to psychological theory, the shadow personality of the “analytic” person is “sensational”, because the “analytic” person focuses on logical thinking and objective judgment, but when he highlights and shows “rational”, he knowsConsciously suppresses the personality of his delicate and emotional “perceptual” part to the depth of the subconscious, and turns into a hidden “shadow personality.”

  Therefore, when one meets the opposite sex who is wearing his own “shadow personality”, he often feels cheerful and joyful, because the other person shows the personality traits that he lacks (or has been suppressed).

Some people say that love objects are usually complementary in character, which is why.

When a silent person meets a lively person, it is often his “shadow personality” who sees the sun and is called, gradually becoming extremely happy, and the captive mind can be freed freely.

  This process of attracting the opposite sex and integrating the “shadow personality” and “dominant personality” will gradually develop a more complete and mature personality. This process is also called by the psychologist as the “complete self” pursuit.

  Through the emotional crisis safely. However, this combination is often also called part of the pain of love. In the so-called running-in, the trait that attracted us the most in the past is now the most unbearable place for you.

If in the past, you fell in love with his tenderness, then you are likely to suffocate his lack of manliness, you fall in love with her lively, and you may also feel that she is “rote” and “naive.”

  When you are in love, you feel that you have met the best person in the world, but at the break-in stage, you start to discover the countless shortcomings of the other party and start to be frustrated.

Because, at this stage, we all want to work hard to transform each other, so that each other becomes perfect in imagination, so pain also arises.

Many people fail this run-in period and end up in pain.

  How can we make the relationship go more smoothly?

Psychologists believe that there is only one way to give up the illusion of making the other person perfect, instead of focusing on the other person, and return to focusing on the integration and growth of their “dominant” and “hidden” personality, focusing on expanding their own”Shadow Personality.”
When you give up changing each other, you actually learn to expand your “shadow personality” at the same time.

Interestingly, often a good partner, when a person gives up to change each other, the other party will be more and more affected, unknowingly the two become more and more like each other.

If you want to be promoted, do n’t be six people

If you want to be promoted, do n’t be six people

The fault of the best man type lies not in the poor performance of the work, but in the inability to reach its full potential.

When you are attentive, your work is first-rate, and you always act like a best man. You do n’t want to be the leader and do not want to stand out. This prevents you from being promoted.

  Dove-type people are hardworking and have skills and talents. However, due to the nature of work or personnel structure, the knowledge they learn is completely incompatible with work.

  When others are promoted, raised, promoted, you just increase the workload.

You have been dissatisfied with this situation for a long time, but you cannot boldly state and strive to defend it, but just talk about it in an elaborate manner, the information is not communicated, or it is simply ignored by your boss.

It’s all because you tame and tame like a dove.

  Behind-the-scenes people work hard and complain, and they are serious and responsible, but your work is rarely known, especially your boss.

Others always use your achievements to report credit, and you also want to receive honors, places, and raises in your heart, but you haven’t learned how to draw attention to you and your achievements.

After some of you have enjoyed your talents, you will just weep.

  Hateful people cannot say that they are not confident or even overconfidence.

He is very capable at work and performs very well, but he looks down on his colleagues and always gets along with others with a hostile attitude and conflicts with everyone.

Too presumptuous in behavior, often intervening, showing off others.

Everyone will only “hate and stay away” from such people, and no one will care about your good methods and good results.

  The front-to-back type is immersed in work, while dissatisfied with the work;

People always feel that you live passively, and your boss thinks you are an interrupter and a complainer.

Colleagues think you are difficult to get along with, and your boss thinks you are a “stinger.”

As a result, the opportunity for a raise has been spurred by others, and you only have a “naive” complaint.

  The Buffalo type smiles at any request.

Others ask you for your help. You always give up your work to support, and the work you have to do has to work overtime.

You sacrifice too much for others’ things, but rarely get the appreciation of others and your boss, and you are said to be useless and honest.

He would not say “no” in front of the leader, but after being aggrieved, he had to vent at home.

11 benefits hidden in a cucumber

11 benefits hidden in a cucumber

Studies have confirmed that cucumber has a moisture content of 95.

8%, helps to replenish human body moisture, and is a regular guest on the table of nutrition experts.

  Chinese medicine believes that cucumber can clear away heat and water, detoxify and swell, and quench thirst, which is very suitable for summer heat.

  Medically confirmed that cucumber contains a certain amount of vitamin C, vitamin E and other nutrients, can help lower blood sugar and lower blood lipids.

  There are 11 kinds of benefits1 hidden in a cucumber.

7%, the highest expansion and contraction of all foods, can be a good complement to body fluids.

  2, vitamins, vitamins, vitamins, such as B vitamins, vitamin C, etc.

It needs to be reminded that eating cucumber even with skin has better effect of vitamin supplement.

  3. Skincare cucumber contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium and silicon, which are good for skin health.

  4, to prevent constipation, cucumbers have more water, low conversion, and beneficial for weight loss.

The dietary fiber helps prevent constipation.

  5. Prevention of cancer Cucumber contains three kinds of lignans: open-loop larch, larch, and pinoresin, which can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, cancer, prostate cancer and uterine cancer.

  6, prevent diabetes, lipid-lowering a beneficial supplement and supplement of a hormone in cucumber, of which the sterols are beneficial to reduce insulin; cucumber can also supplement its supplementary fiber, potassium and magnesium to help regulate blood pressure levels and prevent high blood pressureblood pressure.

  7, fresh breath cucumber juice is good for curing gum disease, eating often can make the breath fresher.

  8. The silicon in Shunfaliang nail cucumber makes the hair smoother and the nails brighter and firmer; the sulfur and silicon in it also help stimulate hair growth.

  9, reduce arthritis and gout pain, the silicon in cucumber can help strengthen the connective tissue health of joints.

Cucumber and carrot juice can reduce uric acid and relieve arthritis and gout pain.

  10, sober cucumber contains a lot of B vitamins and electrolytes, which can supplement important nutrients, thereby eliminating discomfort after drinking and alleviating hangovers.

  11. Good for kidney health Cucumber can reduce uric acid levels in the body and has a protective effect on the kidneys.

  Gourmet experts pick cucumbers. After so many years of eating cucumbers, do you know how to pick them?

Famous kitchen gourmet expert Wen Yi teaches you to choose cucumbers from three aspects.

  Look at the shape of the cucumber, choose a small one, the length and thickness are uniform, the melon handle (that is, the root of the cucumber) is relatively short, this quality is better.

  Abnormal looks, big belly, especially thick, do not buy, that kind is not delicious.

  Look at the delicious cucumber on the surface, there will be a vertical stripe on the surface, and the cucumber spines are small and dense (except for the non-thorny South China cucumber).

  There are no vertical lines on the surface, and the large and sparse cucumbers have no cucumber flavor, so it is not recommended.

  Look at the color Cucumber is black and green is more delicious, rich flavor, light color is not good.

Don’t be a Guan Yu

Don’t be a Guan Yu

Personality and emotional extremes are an insignificant defect in life.

In the Three Kingdoms era, how heroic was the Han Shouting Hou Guanyu, who passed five levels, cut six generals, went to the meeting with one shot, and flooded the Seven Army.

But his Achilles heel is his stubbornness and stubbornness.

When he was entrusted by Liu Beizhong to stay in Jingzhou, Zhuge Liang repeatedly told him to “because Cao Cao, Nan and Sun Quan”, but when Wu Zhun Sun Quan sent someone to meet Guan Yu and propose marriage for his son, Guan Yu heard the rage and yelled: “MyTiger girl Anken marries a dog?

“I always look at myself as a” flower “and others as” tofu dregs. “I talk and act regardless of the overall situation, regardless of the consequences, leading to the breakdown of the Wushu Alliance.

Finally, the swordsmen met, and Guan Yu also lost Maicheng and was captured.

Well, when people come to propose marriage and agree to disagree with you, how can you export the hurtful things and treat the relationship with your own likes and dislikes and extreme emotions?

If Guan Yu is a little bit more extreme and unconscious, then Wushu Alliance will probably not be damaged, and Jingzhou’s ownership may not be another situation.

  Not only did Guan Yu look down on his opponents, he also didn’t look down on his colleagues. The famous general Ma Chaolai was downgraded. Liu Bei was named General Pingxi. Guan Yu, who was far away from Jingzhou, was very dissatisfied. He wrote to Zhuge Liangliang and asked:Who?

“Veteran Huang Zhong was named a post general, and Guan Yu announced in public:” The eldest husband will not be with the veteran! ”

All eyes are empty, narrow and aggressive, others are even less in his eyes. Some generals who have been scorned and despised by him are afraid and hate him, so that when he faces despair, the rebellion leaves, and no one rescues, prompting him to move quicklyPerish.

  In real life, anyone who cannot treat others correctly must not treat himself properly.

When I see others make achievements and become famous, I think that there is something great, and I even try to do everything possible to slander and debase others; seeing others is not as good as myself, and ridicule and ridicule, by depressing others to promote themselves.

Everywhere requires others to respect themselves, but they do not respect others.

In handling major issues, he has his own way and is subjective and arbitrary.

People like this, who are engaged in careers and work, are not successful enough, and more than defeated, and I am afraid that it is difficult to get along with others in society.

  Extremist people always wear colored glasses to see the problem. They are partial, stubborn, and stubborn. They ignore the good faith counsel and fair discussion.

The extreme person resents the sky, complains too much, and is always frustrated all day long, and he is not met, only asks what others have provided him, and does not ask what he has contributed to others.

Extremist crowds of friends, people who make friends like “responding to the same voice, agree with each other,” and like to make friends who are learned and humble. They always know themselves better than each other, and their openings hinder their necks and other people.Who wants to deal with him, the three-pointer?

  Therefore, most extreme people are poorly connected.

Personality and emotional extremes are a mental illness.

It arises from the extreme lack of knowledge, the ignorance of knowledge, the self-closing consciousness of society, the subjective idealism of thinking, and so on.

Therefore, only by prescribing the right medicine, enriching your knowledge, increasing your experience, and participating in useful social activities, at the same time, you must effectively grasp the correct ideological viewpoints and methods to effectively overcome this “one leaf obstacle, but not see Taishan” extreme psychology.

  It is no doubt a good quality for a person to have an opinion, have a mind, do not follow people, and do not float with the world.

However, this should be replaced by not being stubborn and not extremist.

Whether it is a person or a life, there is a little more dialectic in mind.

To stand still for a while, to sit and watch the sky, take your own prejudice as the truth to death, this is a taboo for life and life, if you do not seriously correct this “relic style of Guan Yu”, it is likely that you will stray yourself into the “Maicheng”” And could not turn around.

  Only by solving the two problems of comparing with others, can we get out of the unbalanced psychological misunderstanding and the restless life defeat.

Interpretation: Lemon’s 8 Mysterious Recipes

Interpretation: Lemon’s 8 Mysterious Recipes

Among the colorful fruits, lemon can be said to be a magical medicinal fruit, which has a great disadvantage to human health.

Lemon is rich in organic acids, citric acid and highly alkaline. It has a significant antioxidant effect and is very effective in promoting skin metabolism and inhibiting pigmentation.

Lemon contains a variety of vitamins, as well as many elements necessary for humans, which can break down the pigment particles accumulated under the skin and strengthen the vitality and resistance of blood vessels.

Ancient Chinese medicine books also record that lemon can make human skin like white fat.

  1. Cosmetology The beauty of lemon juice for the noble women of the Babylonian Kingdom in 2500 BC has become very popular.

They make lemon cream and apply it to the hair and face, leaving the hair soft and shiny, and the face delicate and white.

It is still popular in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Fresh lemon with sugar, rock sugar or honey, every day, every day, can make the face white and tender and shiny, but also prevent freckles and blood spots, and also have a certain effect on the treatment of bad tooth abscess.

  2, refreshing drink is the most common, the easiest way to eat is to drink lemonade.

Squeeze the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the glass.

Add water, ice cubes and sugar, and a glass of lemonade will pile up.

Lemonade is sweet and sour, refreshing. It is suitable before meals, with meals or usually, especially on hot days, it really has a refreshing feeling.

  3, people who have dandruff problems can also use lemon juice to treat it. First, wash it with one tablespoon of lemon juice and shampoo once, then rinse with two tablespoons of lemon juice after washing in two glasses of water.
With long-term use you will notice that dandruff slowly disappears.

  4, cold lemon juice, add sugar or honey, and then add warm water, drink 500 a day when a cold?
1000 ml, runny nose is relieved, and the cold gets better quickly.

Especially since the beginning of a cold, drinking lemon juice can even be cured without medicine.

  5. Immune citric acid removes toxic substances in the human body, helps purify the blood, and helps maintain the balance of the human immune system.

Cough often, drink a little lemonade every day, and continue to prolong, it will be good.

Lemon fruit contains a large amount of lemon salt, which can be implanted into kidney stones.

Lemon juice also has a good effect on rheumatism.

Lemon is the gospel of smoking women. Brushing your teeth with lemons will reset the black and yellow parts of your teeth.

  6, hypoglycemic daily take fresh lemon 30?
50 grams of juice or soaked water, divided into 3 servings, 10?
15 days is a course of treatment, with intervals of 10?
15 days.

  7, seasoning to travel to places rich in seafood, take a few fresh lemons, a small bag of refined salt when you go out, when you eat seafood, just mix the seasonings in the proportion you like, squeeze more lemon juice, eat with this seasoningDon’t mention how beautiful the seafood is.

Lemon has a sour taste of vinegar, but it does not cover the original taste of seafood. It can also be fishy and easy to carry.

  8. The citrate-stimulating taste buds contained in the analgesic lemon can produce unique flavors, stimulate the brain center, increase digestive juice secretion, improve digestive and digestive functions, and increase appetite.

Completely and effectively eliminate fatigue, muscle soreness, joint pain after exercise, and improve people’s exercise ability.

Such as muscle soreness, just use a piece of lemon to gently rub the sore part, there is a soothing effect.

If your feet are sore, you can mix a lemon juice into a basin of hot water.

  Under normal circumstances, a lemon can not be used at one time. You can put the sliced lemon in the ice cube to freeze it, put it in lemon ice, and add it directly when making a drink.

If you want to store it longer, you can put the sliced lemons in a sealed container, add 4 tablespoons of honey and put them in the refrigerator for one month.

3 Tips on Nourishing Your Stomach to Keep Your Health in Place_1

3 Tips on Nourishing Your Stomach to Keep Your Health in Place

Core tip: Our stomach is working every day. For modern people, getting stomach problems seems to be sparse and commonplace, but whether you are already troubled by stomach pain or you do n’t have stomach problems and you are not awakeIn the state of overeating, you must supplement the essence of nourishing the stomach.

  Yogurt nourish your stomach “I used to be so busy crawling in the morning that I still have time to eat!

Get up at 5:30 and go to work at 8:30.

Xiao Man’s previous life never seemed to have the concept of “breakfast”.

However, one night three years ago, because of excessive drinking, Xiao Man had stomachache in the middle of the night and had to call 120 and the ambulance took her to the hospital.

In fact, before that, Xiao Man’s stomach had some faint pain, but she only took medicine when she was in pain, and her habit of skipping breakfast had not been changed.

It wasn’t until she was taken to the hospital by an ambulance that Xiao Man used the word “strenuous” for her stomach problems.

  ”A friend told me to drink yogurt in the morning. For two years, I have been drinking a bottle of yogurt in the morning. The symptoms of stomach problems have improved significantly.

But I still do n’t understand why such a small bottle of yoghurt would have such great effect?

“Expert comment: Drinking yogurt in the morning is good for the human body. Yogurt is easy to digest, and even neutralizes the attacking factor gastric acid, protecting the gastric mucosa.

Milk can also nourish the stomach, and people with gastric ulcers can relieve symptoms by drinking milk.

  Boiling water and nourishing the stomach “I remember that when I was in elementary school, my stomach often hurt terribly.

But still often do not eat breakfast.

Jingjing said she never went to the hospital for a gastroscopy because she was afraid of pain.

Later, when I was in college, I often forgot to eat because I often wrote articles overnight.

“At that time, several girls in our dormitory had been to the hospital for gastritis,” Jingjing said. “But since the habit of drinking a large glass of plain water on an empty stomach before breakfast every day, the number of stomach pains has decreased.

“Jingjing often thinks, can boiling water nourish the stomach?

  Expert comment: The boiled water does not have any nutritional ingredients, but after one night, the human body consumes some water, which can be used to supplement and balance the body’s water. The boiled water itself does not have any effect on stomach.

  Porridge Yangwei “I didn’t have stomach trouble before, but since it was sold, it has followed.

He was also admitted to the hospital for stomach bleeding.

“In the three years Li Jie has been selling, his performance has continued to improve, but his health has deteriorated.

“The doctor reminded me that I must have a good breakfast. I just opened a porridge shop in front of our company, so I arrived at the company half an hour early every morning, and then went to drink a bowl of porridge.

Even if I have a constant business trip, I still drink a bowl of porridge in the morning.

“Drinking white porridge has become one of Li Jie’s habits. In his words, it’s like washing his face and brushing his teeth.

“I persisted for a year like this, and although it was more troublesome in the beginning, it became a habit over time.

What makes me the most bit is that for more than a year, I have almost never had a stomach problem.

“Expert comment: Porridge is easy to digest, especially Babao Porridge, which contains peanuts, almonds, sugar, etc., which has a higher conversion and richer, which is good for the stomach.

Fresh traces of peanut protein can effectively protect the stomach.

Drinking bitter gourd juice in late spring and early summer can detoxify and detoxify


Drinking bitter gourd juice in late spring and early summer can detoxify and detoxify

Bitter melon is gradually becoming a healthy food that people like, and it can be either cold or fried.

Chinese medicine experts suggest that as a late-season reconstituted vegetable, using bitter gourd juice or making tea has better detoxification and antipyretic effects.

  Jin Xianchun, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University, said that traditional Chinese medicine believes that bitter foods are a good medicine to reduce fire. New research has also found that bitter foods such as bitter gourd, almonds, bitter tea, etc. contain alkaloidsUrine and other bitter substances, and these substances have the effect of antipyretic and heatstroke, eliminating fatigue.

  Jin Shengchun introduced that there is an active protein with significant anti-cancer effect in bitter gourd. This protein can stimulate the defense function of the immune system in the body, increase the activity of immune cells, and remove harmful substances from the body.

He said that although the bitter gourd tastes slightly bitter, the aftertaste is sweet. Whether it is burnt, fried or cold, and soup, as long as the bitter gourd can be cooked without losing the “blue”, the purpose of removing the fire can be achieved.

  Jin Shengchun recommended several alternative ways to eat bitter gourd, which are more effective for detoxification and fever.

  One is to eat cold bitter gourd, simmer the bitter gourd in boiling water, and add the seasoning after controlling the water.

  The second is to make bitter gourd tea, which is cut into slices and called directly.

  The third is to squeeze the bitter gourd juice, and use the juicer to directly convert the bitter gourd juice.

  He said that raw bitter gourd juice can make the body quickly absorb a lot of active ingredients of bitter gourd, but in order not to be too bitter, you can first soak the bitter gourd with salt water, which can remove some bitterness.

Leave the health Wiggins to send away 4 games 30 + Lavin, no wonder the Timberwolves can not trade Jimmy Butler

Leave the health Wiggins to send away 4 games 30 + Lavin, no wonder the Timberwolves can not trade Jimmy Butler

Although the Timberwolves started 2 wins and 3 losses, but in fact many games are still remarkable, especially under the transfer of Jimmy Butler, the team showed and defensive attitude!

Jimmy Butler averaged 24 per game this season.

8 points and 5.

3 rebounds 3.

5 assists 3.

8 steals 1.

3 top, the data is comprehensive and highly efficient, completely unaffected by the attack, and he praised the Timberwolves many times: the whole team played very well, we have not given up the game, sometimes the game is like this, we are ready,Do your best to win, but the opponent’s performance is better than us!

The Democratic Party’s contradiction with Downs and Wiggins has been stirred up. The media thinks that they may have unpleasant things on the court, but the truth is not.

Moreover, Wiggins recently said in an interview that there is no contradiction between him and Jimmy Butler, and there is no exaggeration in the media description, and that the media in the team only reported some of them, and many positive aspects did not mentionTo!

However, the reality is that the current Timberwolves are really difficult to trade Jimmy Butler. First, because the price is too high, the Heat is angered, the Lakers and other leaders, and the second is that Butler is getting better and the price will only be higher!

According to Wo Shen, the Rockets have to re-quote the offer, and it is likely to be overdrafting the next four draft picks. Few teams are willing to do so. Is the Rockets really going out?

They used to exchange Raven + Dunn + draft picks to Jimmy Butler. At that time, Xi Bodu did not mean to do so. He was more likely to trade with Wiggins, but boss Taylor liked Wiggins.So you can only trade Lavin.

But now look at the difference between the two estimates that the boss must be remorse!

Now Wiggins is the nominee of health basketball, but fortunately, the new season has now invested a certain amount of profit on the defensive end, but the efficiency of the offensive end is still very low, the three-point shooting rate is 31%, averaging only15

8 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists, while Lavin’s performance is phenomenal, and the season has averaged 32.

3 points, shooting 57% from the field and 40% from three-pointers!

Lavin is efficient, explosive, and defensive. In this young Bulls, he is the absolute leader, shouldering the hope of the team’s rise. He has played more than 30+ games on four courses.

Then compare the salary of the two, Wiggins annual salary of more than 30 million, and Lavin’s total salary is only 80 million, this price is completely two levels.

Can make such a deal, but also understand why they can’t solve Jimmy Butler’s problem until now!