2017 World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final Malone VS Fan Zhendong match video live address entrance

2017 World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final Malone VS Fan Zhendong match video live address entrance
【世乒赛-樊振东横扫对手会师马龙 中国包揽男单冠亚军】北京时间6月5日,杜塞尔多夫世乒赛展开男单半决赛的厮杀,中国球员樊振东4-0(11-6, 11-9, 11-6, 11-1) defeated South Korea’s Li Xiangxiu to advance to the final, will compete with Malone for the men’s singles championship, the two men also won the men’s singles runner-up for the Chinese Table Tennis World Championships in advance.  2017 World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Finals Malone VS Fan Zhendong match video live address entrance:    20:30 on the evening of June 5 CCTV live    video highlights of the game: https://v./x/cover/8kgky7w2id16axb/o0024e3t5gc.html  中青在线北京6月5日电(中国青年报·中青在线记者 郭剑)扔出球拍、长啸一声倒地庆祝,龙队又赢了,世乒赛男单决赛上演荡气回肠的七局The war finally ended with Malone’s successful defending!  The Düsseldorf World Table Tennis Championships were packed, and fans of Ma Long and Fan Zhendong shouted one after another in the stands. Applause, cheers, and cheers made this high-level World Championship men’s singles final a veritable home derby.  At the start of 0:4, Malone, who lost 7:11 in the first game, obviously did not enter the state. For the first time, Fan Zhendong broke into the men’s singles final of the World Championships.After struggling in the middle of the second game, Malone also found his rhythm on the court, and the defending champion who shouted his momentum also frequently forced Fan Zhendong’s mistakes.  The 1:3 backward Fan Zhendong did not easily send the victory away. Instead, he used pressure to make Malone difficult to parry. Fan Zhendong, who won two consecutive games, stubbornly dragged the game into a cruel tiebreaker.  The suffocating seventh game allowed no mistakes. Like the whole game, the winning balance finally pointed to the more experienced Malone after swinging left and right.After missing a championship point, Malone finally used a perfect side attack to win the championship with 12:10.  Malone, who was in danger, showed the heart of the Grand Slam champion. Malone said that all he wanted in the game was to focus on playing the ball. The two people’s wonderful performances dedicated a classic battle to the World Table Tennis Championships.  Today the whole game is very dramatic. Anyone who makes mistakes will be caught by opponents to score continuously. Fortunately, I won the game today.Malone commented on today’s game.  For his opponent Fan Zhendong, Ma Long also spoke highly of it: Fan Zhendong has made great progress in recent years. He has the strength to win the championship. The future is his!  As the winner of the Super Slam, Ma Long, who had won the victory over teammate Xu Xin, admitted that his mentality before the game was not sure. Whether he would be happy to deal with it or work hard again, Ma Long couldn’t find a way to find head coach Zhi Duoxing Liu Guoliang to solve the puzzle.However, Ma Long, who refused to disclose details, said Liu Guoliang’s answer was very important to him.  Ma Long, who successfully defended his title, caught up with Zhang Jike in the World Championships. Ma Long thanked Zhang Jike specifically after the game. I would like to thank Jike. He is my idol and is very happy from looking up to him and shoulder to shoulder with him.  Although Zhang Jike won the Olympic title in four years and Zhang Jike achieved the men’s singles title in the World Table Tennis Championship in four years, Ma Long finally used his own efforts and strength to achieve the men’s table tennis twins side by side!Fan Zhendong, who failed to stand on the highest podium, was enough to be respected by his opponents. He tenaciously dragged the game into the tiebreaker and he tenaciously saved a championship point.  However, Fan Zhendong, who watched the whole game as a substitute at the Rio Olympics, still failed to cross the most difficult mountain in the past few years-Malone, but his circumstance and technical progress in the stalemate are obvious to all.Fan Zhendong, who was blushing after the game, admitted that he did a good job, but he was too close to force when he was leading.Fan Zhendong said: Generally speaking, this game was a good one, but when the chance came, the ability to expand the score and catch the fighter was still worse. I hope that I won’t make such mistakes in the future.  Unable to tell whether the face was sweat or tears, Fan Zhendong’s face was full of regret, and his unyielding eyes made people see that the 20-year-old teenager could become the mainstay of Chinese men’s table tennis in the future.Fan Zhendong, who wants to grab the class, is still a bit tender, but it is Fan Zhendong’s responsibility to take over and take over.(Editor of the Ministry of Sports)    (original title: World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final Malone continues to win thanks to idol Zhang Jike) Extended reading: 2017 World Table Tennis Live Streaming: June 5 schedule for men’s singles finals and women’s doubles finals

The extension of the top 40 matches affects the preparation of the national football team, Li Tie contract may be extended to the end of the year

The extension of the top 40 matches affects the preparation of the national football team, Li Tie contract may be extended to the end of the year
Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the National Football World Top 40 is likely to be postponed to October and November as a whole. Such adjustments will also have some impact on the preparation of the national football.Li Tie’s contract with the Chinese Football Association ended on June 9.Information map / Osports At the emergency meeting held on March 2, the AFC initially agreed to postpone the top 40 games scheduled for March and June to October and November. At present, the plan has been reported toFIFA is waiting for approval.Yesterday the national football team assembled in Dubai, and today officially started training.For the extension of the Top 40, the national football team’s response plan is to extend the original half-month training plan in Dubai to one month, and then disband on the spot.In addition, the biggest impact of the extension of the Top 40 will be reflected in the second half of this year.The Super League will only start at the end of the first 4 months. Under the league’s new year’s competition, this year’s league is likely to end within the year. After the schedule is compressed, there will be more double-week matches.The training time will not be too much, the international can only absorb the club game to maintain the state.Therefore, the national football team will face challenges in the second half of the year.If the extension is confirmed, the contract of national football coach Li Tie will also face adjustments.When he became the head coach of the national football team in January this year, Li Tie ‘s contract with the Chinese Football Association was June 9th, at the end of the original top 40 match. The Football Association will judge whether to renew the contract with Li Tie based on the results.But the sudden outbreak led to the extension of the Top 40, and Li Tie’s contract is likely to be automatically extended to the end of this year.Sauna, Night Net Editor Xu Xiaofan Zhang Yunfeng Proofreading Wei Zhuo

[How to make cold cucumber and tofu]_How to do_How to do

[How to make cold cucumber and tofu]_How to do_How to do

Because tofu is difficult to shred, so when you make tofu, you rarely choose to make shredded tofu.

But there is another kind of tofu in the life that has been prepared for a long time. As long as you buy it home, you can use it for cold mixing.

When mixing the tofu, in order to alleviate the tiredness of the tofu ribbon, you can add some cucumbers for seasoning.

So what is the way to use cucumber and tofu together?

Tofu shreds and what cold sauce is delicious: Tofu shreds with cucumber and carrots Materials: 150 grams of tofu skin, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 carrot, 2 parsley, the right amount of cooking oil, the right amount of Laoganma, a small amount of sesame oil, rawDraw an appropriate amount of salt, 2 shallots, 2 red peppers, and 3 cloves of garlic.

Practices: 1. Wash and shred tofu skin, cucumber and carrots; spare garlic slices; slice parsley, shallots, and red peppers into spares.

2. Boil water in the pot and boil the shredded tofu and carrot shreds for a while and remove them for future use.

3. Heat the cooking oil in a small pot, and place the garlic slices, shallots, and red peppers in cooked oil.

4. Put the shredded tofu and shredded cucumber, shredded carrot, cilantro, and spring onion in the bowl and mix, and then start adding the right amount of ingredients and stir well.

Tip: Cut the tofu skin evenly, not too big.

Tofu shreds and what cold sauce is delicious: Spiced tofu shreds Ingredients: dried tofu, purple onion, a large bowl of chicken soup, ginger, grass fruit, a few fragrant leaves, one star anise, cinnamon, salt, pepper, cooking wine, sesame oil,Peppercorns, sugar, red oil.

Practices: 1. Shred dried tofu, simmer with salt and cooking wine.

2. Put the broth into the pot, add ginger, spring onion, grass fruit, fragrant leaves, star anise, cinnamon, salt, boil, dry tofu, squeeze the water and put it into the soup, cook on medium heat for 15-20 minutes, remove the coldcool.

3. Cut the onion into filaments and place on the tofu.

4. Put the sesame oil into the clean pot, fry the peppercorns into pepper oil, and pour on the spring onions while hot.

5, add sugar, salt, red oil and mix immediately.

Tofu shreds and what cold sauce is delicious: celery tofu shreds material: 300 grams of tofu, 2 celery, salt, vinegar, sesame oil, a thick soup stock, raw soy sauce, red pepper.

Method: 1. Wash the tofu, celery and red pepper and shred them.

2. Put the tofu wire in a bowl, salt and marinate for ten minutes, and pour out the marinated water.

3. Add celery and shredded pepper and mix well.

4, topped with sesame oil, vinegar, raw soy sauce, squeeze into a thick mellow broth, mix well, and let stand for ten minutes.

[Can lamb be eaten by Caesarean section?

]_ Cesarean section_ Can you eat

[Can lamb be eaten by Caesarean section?
]_ Cesarean section_ Can you eat

Lamb is a very popular fish species. There are several types of people who are particularly suitable for eating lamb. First, people who are physically cold. Everyone knows that eating lamb has a good cold protection effect. In winter, people who are weak areFrequent coughing, cold ulcers, etc. often occur. At this time, it is good to eat mutton. Can women after cesarean section eat mutton?

Can cesarean section eat lamb?
Women usually choose to give birth naturally in terms of the mode of delivery, because it is better for women to recover due to delivery, and it is also very beneficial for the baby to squeeze through the birth canal.

But many times because of pregnant women or pregnant women’s reasons are not able to deliver the baby, this time need to do a cesarean section.

So can cesarean section eat mutton?

Can lamb be eaten by caesarean section? The nutritional value of lamb is very high. Maternal consumption has great benefits to the body. It can supplement the nutrients required by the mother and promote the milk secretion of the mother.

But at the same time, mutton is also a hair product. If it is consumed when the caesarean section wound is not healed, it will affect the speed of wound recovery and may cause inflammation.

Therefore, a laparotomy can only be done after a caesarean section.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat mutton 1. Muttonic fever is a hair product, so cesarean women must heal wounds before they can eat mutton.

Otherwise it will seriously affect the healing of the wound.

2, mutton fever, which causes fever, toothache, tongue sores, coughing yellow sputum and other symptoms of ill fever should not be eaten.

3, fleshy fever, so pregnant women with hypertension, hypertension, acute enteritis or other infectious diseases are not suitable for consumption.

4. Mutton cannot be eaten with vinegar, tea, bean paste, pumpkin, watermelon, and pears. It will not only reduce nutritional value, but may also cause constipation, eczema, indigestion and other substitutes.

I have shared with you whether cesarean section can eat mutton. I believe everyone has also dissected that cesarean section mothers can eat mutton only after the wound is healed. Lamb is a hair product and has a great impact on wound healing.

Xiao Bian also summarized the precautions for pregnant women to eat mutton. I hope everyone can add more references to attract attention.

[How to make pure milk into cream]_How to make pure milk_Practice

Weaknesses and squeezes, tweezer, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan渶瑕佺敤鍒板ザ娌癸紝鎵€浠ヤ竴鑸兘浼氬湪瀹惰嚜宸辨墦鍙戝ザ娌广€傝嚜宸卞湪鍋氬ザ娌逛篃鏄瘮杈冪畝鍗曠What are you going to do? If you want to go through it, you will be able to find out how it works. If you want to do it, you will be able to find out how to use it.ㄦ贰濂舵补鍋氾紝鐜板湪灏辫璇寸函鐗涘ザ鍋氭垚濂舵补鐨勬柟娉曘€?椋熸潗锛氬叏鑴傜墰濂躲€佺硸绮夈€佸啺姘淬€佸悏鍒╀竵绮夈€侀鑽夌簿鍒朵綔姝ラ锛?.What are you talking about?0ml鍐锋按锛屽€掑叆10g鍚夊埄涓佺矇锛岄潤缃?鍒嗛挓锛屼娇绮夊厖鍒嗗惛鏀舵按鍒嗐€傚紑涓皬鐏紙涓嶈秴杩?5鎽勬皬搴︼級锛屽姞鐑悈鎷岋紝鐩村埌鎵€鏈夋櫠浣撻兘鍏呭垎琚按鍚告敹锛岀鐏紝鏀句竴鏃佸鐢ㄣ€傚彇涓€涓ぇ纰楋紝鍔犲叆250ml鍏ㄨ剛鐗涘ザ锛屽皢鍚夊埄涓佹恫鍊掑叆鐗涘ザ涓紝鐢ㄦ墜鍔ㄦ墦铔嬪櫒鎼呮Mom, what’s the problem? 20-30 crepe level?.What are you talking about?.5ml棣欒崏绮俱€?2.5g绯栫矇锛屾悈鎷屽潎鍖€銆傛斁鍏ュ啺绠憋紝鏀剧疆60-90鍒嗛挓銆傛瘡闅?5-20鍒嗛挓锛屽彇鍑烘潵鎼呮媽涓€娆°€傛贩鍚堟恫浼氶€愭笎鍙樻祿鍙樺帤锛屽埌鏃堕棿鍚庡彇鍑猴紝鐢ㄦ墜鍔ㄦ墦铔嬪櫒鎼呮媽鍧囧寑銆備綆鑴傛贰濂舵补鏇夸唬鐗╁氨鍋氬ソ鍟︼紒鐢ㄧ數鍔ㄦ墦铔嬪櫒璇曡瘯锛屾灉鐒惰兘澶熸墦鍙戙€傚ザ娌圭殑鍔犲伐鍒朵綔鏂规硶1.绮鹃€夊師鏂欙細搴旈€夌敤鍋ュ悍濂剁墰鐨勭墰濂讹紝涓嶅疁閲囩敤鍒濅钩鍜屾湯涔炽€?.It ‘s so easy to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what is going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?I ‘m going to read about it, I ‘m going to see it, I ‘m going to see it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, it ‘s going to hurt me, I ‘m going to do it.What’s the difference between the chain and the chain? What are you going to do?4~36灏忔椂鍚庯紝绋€濂舵补鍗虫诞浜庤〃闈€備絾鐢熶骇涓€旇埇閮介噰鐢ㄧ蹇冨垎绂绘硶锛屽嵆鐢ㄧ墰濂跺垎绂绘満鏉ユ彁鍙栧ぇ閲忕█濂舵补銆?3.The drafting of the draft is as follows: the drafting of the draft is complete, and the drafting of the rudder is not complete, and the draft of the draft is back to the bottom of the page. It ‘s a bit of a bit of trouble, so I ‘m going to pick it up.互璋冩暣閰稿害锛屾彁楂樻垚鍝佺殑璐棌鏃堕棿鍜岃川閲忋€傛搷浣滄柟娉曟槸锛岃竟鎼呮媽绋€濂舵补锛岃竟The whole world is full of sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorry.鏉€鑿屽喎鍗达細涓烘潃鐏█濂舵补涓殑鐥呭師鑿屻€佽厫璐ヨ弻鍙婂叾瀹冨嵄瀹充汉浣撳仴搴风殑寰敓鐗╋紝澧炲己濂舵补鐨勮串钘忔€у拰椋庡懗锛岄渶瑕佽繘琛屾潃鑿屽鐞嗐€傛柟娉曟槸锛涘厛灏嗙洓瑁呯█濂舵Make up?鐗 涘 ザ 妗?缃簬鐑按涓紝鐒跺悗鍚戝鍣ㄧ殑鍛ㄥ洿閫氳捀姹借繘琛岄珮娓╂潃鑿屻€傛搷浣滀腑锛岃涓嶆柇鍦版悈鍔紝浣夸箣婧跺害鍧囧寑鍜岄槻姝㈣剛鑲瀽鍑恒€?.鐗╃悊鎴愮啛锛氱粡杩囨潃鑿屽鐞嗙殑绋€濂舵补鍐峰嵈鍚庯紝灏嗗叾淇濇寔鍦ㄤ綆娓╃姸鎬佷笅涓€娈垫椂闂达紝浣夸竴閮ㄥ垎鑴傝偑鐢辨恫浣撻€愭笎杞彉涓哄崐鍑濋泦鐘舵€佺殑鍥轰綋銆?6.娣昏壊鎼呮媽锛氬皢鐗╃悊鎴愮啛鍚庣殑绋€濂舵补缃簬鎼呮媽鏈轰腑锛屾悈鎷屽墠鍏堟坊鍔犺壊绱?鏈€甯哥敤鐨勮壊绱犱负濂舵补榛?I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m a girl, I ‘m a girl, I ‘m a girl, I ‘m a girl, I ‘m a girl, I ‘m a girl, I ‘m a girl, I ‘m a girl, I ‘m a girl, I ‘m a girl, I ‘m a girl棿涓€鑸负30~60鍒嗛挓銆?.This is a picture of how to draw a picture, and that it’s a bit of a squeeze. It’s very difficult to follow the rules and regulations, and it’s very difficult to get it to work.帓鍑虹殑娲楁钉姘村畬鍏ㄩ€忔槑涓烘銆?。鍔犵洂鍘嬬偧锛氫负澧炴坊濂舵补鐨勯鍛筹紝鎶戝埗寰敓鐗╃箒娈栵紝寤堕暱璐棌鐨勬椂闂达紝闇€鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐨勯鐩愶紝鐒跺悗鐢ㄧ瓫瀛愬帇鐐笺€侀櫎姘达紝浣夸箣鎴愪负榛勮壊鍗婂浐浣撶姸鎬侊紝鍗虫垚鍝佸ザ娌广€?.鍖呰璐棌锛氬寘瑁呭ザ娌瑰簲閫夌敤鏃犲懗銆佹棤姣掞紝涓嶉€忔皵銆佷笉閫忔按銆佷笉閫忓厜锛屼笖鍏锋湁闃叉疆鎬х殑鍧氶煣銆佹煍杞殑鍖呰鏉愭枡銆?

[Do Chinese wolfberry sparkling wine cure varicose veins?

]_Varicose veins_How to treat

[Do Chinese wolfberry sparkling wine cure varicose veins?
]_Varicose veins_How to treat

Varicose veins is a disease that is common in middle-aged and elderly people. It has a great impact on the health of this part of the population. Severe varicose veins can cause severe pain to the body, and the treatment is very serious and is almost impossibleIt is cured and therefore makes patients feel very helpless, and remedies for varicose veins are becoming more and more popular. For example, is wolfberry bubble wine for varicose veins?

Treatment of varicose veins with wolfberry sparkling wine According to the amount of wine, you can add an appropriate amount of dried wolfberry, the general ratio does not exceed 1: 2, that is, 1 kg of dried wolfberry sparkling 2000 ml of white wine.

How long does wolfberry bubble wine cure varicose veins?

-Soak for a week.

In order to make the medicinal wine work better, it should be soaked for a week before you start using it. You can take medlar wine every night to absorb the affected area.

Who should not drink wolfberry sparkling wine pregnant women with hypertension and alcohol allergies who are exogenous hot, spleen deficiency and wet and diarrhea are not to be taken.

Those who are not suitable for drinking should not drink.

The effect of Chinese wolfberry wine nourishes the liver and kidneys and improves eyesight.

It is used for deficient labor, sore waist, knees, dizziness, tinnitus, internal heat and thirst, blood deficiency and chlorosis, and faintness.

Lycium barbarum contains lycium barbarum polysaccharide, protein, essential amino acids of the human body, taurine, low decomposition, trace amounts, multivitamins, carotene, and various constants and trace elements required by the human body., Blood pressure and other magical effects.

The content of unsaturated fatty acids in wolfberry is very high, especially linoleic acid, which can prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

Suitable for people Unlike the other Chinese herbal supplements, wolfberry has a medicinal flavor. Whether it is soup, transformed water, or sparkling wine, it is very delicious.

Therefore, wolfberry wine is suitable for many people to participate.

The suitable people to drink wolfberry wine are: 1. Middle-aged and young men: With the increase of age, the defense function of the human body decreases accordingly.

Long-term suffering with wolfberry wine can prevent liver and kidney yin deficiency and impotence, soft waist and knees, anti-aging, nourishing kidney and regenerating essence, and strengthening the body.

2. Young and middle-aged women: their skin is tender and youthful, which is the favorite of every woman.

Wolfberry wine condenses all the essence of wolfberry and maintains it for a long time. It can effectively moisturize the skin and improve the cell’s ability to absorb.

[Cough eat mango]_cough_ lemon fruit_can you eat

[Cough eat mango]_cough_ lemon fruit_can you eat

Mango can be eaten when coughing. Actually, it will not have much effect. In fact, mango has certain cough and vomiting effects. However, it should be noted that if you are allergic, it is not suitable for mangoes.Mango sugar is high and people with diabetes can’t eat it.

1. Mango is beneficial for stomach, anti-vomiting and dizziness.

In ancient times, those who crossed the ocean all carried some mangoes with them to solve the problem of seasickness.

Therefore, mango has curative effects on vertigo, Meniere’s syndrome, hypertension, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

2, can delay cell aging and improve brain function.

Mango also contains a substance added with mango compounds, which has obvious anti-lipid peroxidation and protective effects on brain neurons, can delay cell aging and improve brain function.

It can significantly increase red blood cell catalase activity and reduce red blood cell hemoglobin.

In fact, it has the effect of relieving diseases and relieving cough, and it has an auxiliary dietary effect on cough, phlegm and asthma.

3. Anti-cancer: Mango contains compounds such as mangiferone acid, which has anti-cancer pharmacological effects. Mango juice can also increase peristalsis and shorten the residence time of feces in the colon.

Therefore, eating mango is likely to benefit artificial colon cancer.

4. Vitamin C supplementation in the body: The content of vitamin C in mango is higher than that of ordinary fruits, and it can reduce plasma and triglycerides. Regular mangoes can continuously supplement the consumption of vitamin C in the body and have cardiovascular disease.

5, eat mango should pay attention to those with allergies to eat mango with caution, most people should not eat a lot of mango, otherwise it will “yellow” and cause damage caused by high blood pressure.

When eating mango, avoid spicy foods such as garlic at the same time to avoid “yellowing”.

Mango is moist and poisonous. If you have skin disease or tumor, you should avoid eating.

Because mango has a high sugar content, people with diabetes should not eat it.

[How to make pork ribs in barbecued pork sauce]_ Common practice of pork ribs cooked in barbecue pork sauce

[How to make pork ribs in barbecued pork sauce]_ Common practice of pork ribs cooked in barbecue pork sauce

Many times, we envy others who have a loved one who can cook, so that you can taste delicious dishes after work.

With envy of others, it is better to do it yourself, here we will introduce the practice of pork ribs with barbecued pork sauce.


The ribs are cut to a length of about 9CM, and the taro is also cut into long squares 2.

121 Marinate the marinated pork ribs with seasoning for about 1 hour3.

212 Boil an appropriate amount of water in the WOLL Diamond Multi-Purpose Cooking Pot, add the ribs and simmer slightly in water, and lift up 4.

Heat the WOLL diamond multifunctional cooking pot, add salad oil, and stir-fry ginger slices 5.

Place the marinated pork ribs 6.

1 Then order the char-grilled sauce 7.

Blast the ribs to turn color 8.

Add the right amount of water 9.

Cover with low heat and cook for 10.

Cook until the water is dry and the meat is soft and cooked11.

Add taro strips 12.

Then simmer the taro sticks to the powder, but not rotten13.

Turn off the fire and you can see it on the dish. Don’t be intimidated by the pork ribs cooked with the barbecued pork sauce.

Although the process is a bit more, but it is really very coherent to do it, then take advantage of the freshness of memory, and quickly do it.

Satellite Petrochemical (002648): Q3 pre-increased by 46% -52% to maintain a high business climate

Satellite Petrochemical (002648): Q3 pre-increased by 46% -52% to maintain a high business climate

Net profit in the first three quarters increased by 46% -52%, in line with market expectations. Satellite Petrochemical released the first three quarters of 2019 performance forecast on October 14, and the company achieved net profit9.


50,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46% -52%, and performance is in line with expectations.

Follow the current 10.

6.6 billion shares of the total equity calculation, the corresponding EPS is 0.


89 yuan.

Corresponding to the third quarter of 2019 to achieve net profit3.


930,000 yuan, an increase of 19% -33% in ten years.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 1.



07 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The main product has a high degree of prosperity, and the second phase of PDH put into operation contributes a certain incremental increase. The company’s combined products have a high degree of carbonic acid and ester.Is 0.


92 million / ton, down 4% / 9% in ten years, and the average price difference of acrylic-nylon expanded 19% to 0.

In terms of (poly) mm business, the average PP / propylene prices in East China in the first three quarters of 2019 were 0.


74 million / ton, down 6% / 12% in half a year, and the PP-Millennium average spread dropped by 2% to 0 per second.

550,000 yuan / ton, of which Q3 PP-annual average spread increases by 9% to 0.

580,000 yuan / ton, the profitability of PDH business has picked up.

In addition, it was reported that the initial company’s annual output of 45 inserted PDH phase II project and annual output of 15 inserted PP second phase project were successfully put into operation and running well, and also contributed a certain performance increase.

Acrylic boom rebounded slightly, polypropylene prices stabilized It is said that Baichuan Information. The price of acrylic acid (general acid) in East China stabilized in mid-October. The latest offer price was 7,150 yuan / ton, which rose earlier in early July.

At 1%, the latest acrylic-propylene spread was 1768 yuan / ton, which rose by 18 in early July.

For polypropylene, the price of PP in East China was 9,500 yuan / ton in mid-October, up 4 at the end of August earlier.

4%, PP-alkaline spread is 5146 yuan / ton, narrowed by 8 at the end of August.


As the demand season continues, oil prices have generally strengthened, and the acrylic and polypropylene boom is expected to gradually improve.

The construction of the preliminary split project went smoothly. The company announced that it plans to raise US $ 3 billion in funds for the construction of the Lianyungang project in 7 months. The CSRC has received feedback from the CSRC on changes to the split project, project design, terminal approval, and additional storageTank construction progressed smoothly. The company expects the first phase of 125 ethylene and supporting capacity to be put into production in 2020Q3.

We maintain “Overweight” rating and we expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 2019-2021.



07 yuan, the estimated level of merger of comparable companies (13 times PE in 2019), giving the company 12-13 in 2019.

5 times PE, corresponding to a target price of 16.


36 yuan (original value of 17.

68-19.04 yuan), maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: New business development is less than expected risk, and downstream demand reduces risk.

BOE A (000725): Performance in line with expectations 2019 Flexible organic light-emitting diodes increase significantly

BOE A (000725): Performance in line with expectations 2019 Flexible organic light-emitting diodes increase significantly

Performance review 2018 results are in line with expectations. BOE’s 2018 revenue was US $ 971 million, a 10-year growth of 3.

5%, net profit of 34 trillion, a decrease of 54 per year.

6%, in line with expectations.

The initial decline in net profit growth was that the panel entered a downward cycle in 2018, and the imbalance between supply and demand led to a plunge in panel prices.

We expect that the unit price of each large-size panel in 2019 will decrease by 10-15%, which is significantly lower than the decline in 2018, mainly due to the impact of Samsung LCD capacity transfer and some small and medium-sized sizes close to the cash cost line, with a limited decline.

Maintain the recommended level with a target price of 5.

00 yuan.

  Analysis of the major changes in costs in the development trend: 1) In terms of gross profit margin, due to the audit of 1-3Q statements, there was a reclassification adjustment in the fourth quarter, which resulted in a significant upward trend in the fourth quarter, which is inconsistent with the overall industry situation.

If the data for the first three quarters are re-presented, the gross profit margin for 1Q / 2Q / 3Q / 4Q should be 23% / 20% / 20% / 19%, respectively, which is consistent with the market conditions of the fourth quarter of the decline in panel prices.

2) In terms of financial costs, the company’s interest expenses increased by 3.2 billion in 2018, which is equivalent to a significant increase in 2017, due to the increase in financial costs caused by changes in project progress.

3) In terms of R & D expenses, in fact, the company’s R & D investment should be stable at 7%, of which 70% is expensed.

  The unit price of large-size panels has narrowed, and the product structure has been further optimized: The overall price of TV panels has fallen by 20-30% in 2018, and there are slight differences in different sizes.

Starting in March 2019, prices for small and medium-sized TV panels below 50 inches began to pick up, better than the company expected, but the magnitude and sustainability of the pick-up are still unclear.

At the same time, the company also actively optimized its product structure. In 2018, the projection ratio of 4K panels to overall TV was less than 50%.

The expansion of panels over 50 inches has grown, and the proportion of 4K panels this year attempts to exceed 50%.

  The growth rate of flexible OLED panels in 2019 is obvious: we expect that flexible OLED panels will be replaced by nearly 2 million pieces in 2018. The company has begun to supply brands such as Huawei MATE 20 Pro and reached 1 million pieces in a month.The target is 30-50 million, and we conservatively predict that it will reach 25 million.

  The profit forecast takes into account the decrease in the unit price of the panel and the substantial increase in the size of OLEDs. We will increase our revenue and net profit by 15% / 12% in 2019.

  Estimates and Suggestions The company’s current 杭州桑拿洗浴会所 sustainable correspondence1.

5x 2019 PB, we maintain our target price of 5.

00 yuan and target P / B ratio of 2.

0 times unchanged, maintaining the recommended level.

  Risk Smart TV, flexible OLED mobile phones and other products can not meet expectations.